Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Jenelle Evans has slammed Ashley Jones’ fight with Brianna DeJesus.Ashley Applauds Jenelle Over Her Lack of Custody (Recap) – Ashley’s Reality Roundup

File this below: “Things we shouldn’t care about, but we’re kinda doing…”

1 day later Briana DeJesus exposed her Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Co-star, Ashley Jonessecretly pregnant, brie buddy Jenelle Evans jumping into battle.

Ashley On Friday, we broke the news that Ashley and Briana (and their mother) had a physical fight on a movie set. teen mom family reunion All four were kicked off the show this week.Fight Also It started a massive social media brawl between the girl and several other “Teen Mom” ​​cast members.

Jenelle isn’t part of the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ cast, but she was one of the first to join from the ‘Teen Mom’ world after Ashley’s story broke. accused Ashley of spitting on Bri. (Ashley later confirmed on social media that she actually spit on Bri during the fight.)

Soon, Ashley and Jenelle’s social media sparring turned to the topic of Ashley’s pregnancy and the fact that Jenelle currently doesn’t have custody of all of her children. As fans know, Jenelle’s mother Barbara Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, has had custody of him since he was a baby.)

“You guys are so pressed for time! You’re always fighting on the internet and tic tac!

Let’s summarize the “spoken words” that Ashley and Jenelle exchanged.

Jenelle kicked things off and came out of nowhere to give her opinion on the nausea situation, but had nothing to do with it.

“Spitting on someone is assault, and self-defense is legal in many states after it happens,” Jenell began.

“By the law! If you need a lawyer with a LL.B. from Harvard, feel free to call me.”

Jenelle then scolded MTV for putting the girls in the same house.

“But at the same time, making girls nervous on the same show…?”

“They expect everyone to act like grown-ups and don’t hit each one like middle school bullies! It’s a strange concept for you guys, I know.” !

“Let me be clear… By the way, I’m replying to Ashley’s comment… Yesterday I said spitting is illegal and she’s trippin’,” Jenelle later added. .

Immediately, Ashley focused on dealing with Jenelle. She basically told Jenelle to mind her own business and focus on regaining custody of her Jace (of course Ashley was a little understated, uh… kind is.)

Ashley wrote on Instagram, “Jenelle, if you put the same energy into getting your kids back as you do d**k riding, you’re going to be one big happy family.

Jenelle then took a swing at Ashley (pun very for trying to fight Briana and Roxanne while she was pregnant). (As Ashley reported, Brianna exposed Ashley’s pregnancy while squabbling on social media. Ashley later confirmed on Instagram that she was in fact pregnant with her second child. )

“Let alone . . . shaking fists while pregnant?” Jenelle wrote. “You may have to worry about your own family and children. You are trash like pure trash. It shows every time you speak. Children are already in danger…”

What I imagine in “Teen Mom Family Reunion” when everyone is kicked off the set is…

From there, Ashley’s sister, Chris .

Ashley’s sister wrote on Instagram, “You’re the last MF to call someone Kuzu Jenner. Every weekend I see you swimming in what looks like water. I’m sure it’s the same water as

“Just kidding. No one bathes around these parts. There!”

Ashley’s sister then attached a clip of the classic Jenelle moment from “Teen Mom 2.” In this scene, Jenelle is shown colliding with another driver and pulling out her gun, despite the fact that Jace was in the car with her at the time. .

On Saturday, Jenelle told her Instagram followers that her story about Ashley was deleted after it was reported for “bullying and harassment.”

She then showed footage of herself in the pool land, relax with a natural iced beer (which seems to be a favorite these days on the marshy shores of Jenelle’s house). The video was clearly Jenelle trying to show Ashley that her life wasn’t a “s**t show,” as Ashley’s sister claimed. Jenelle captioned her video.

“I’m living the swamp queen’s dream here!”

stay tuned…

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(Photo: MTV; Instagram)

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