Forget about camping, you want this jacket solar generator for the apocalypse

You can’t blame Jackery for positioning its flagship solar generator promotion at IFA 2022 in Berlin next to a giant RV camper mockup. That’s the pitch: buy a solar generator and take it camping.

Camp songs and dances are enough. We all know that these eco-friendly power devices are becoming more and more important. They are tools for survival.

you think i’m kidding? Look at the headline. Floods, fires, hurricanes. Power outages are always with us. You need reliable power and don’t have to rely on fossil fuel powered systems.

Jackery Fake RV at IFA

Not a real RV. (Image credit: Future/Lance Ulanov)

These are Jackery’s European marketing heads, Ricky Ma, describing the surge in camping and other outbound activity during the pandemic and the development of a series of solar generators by his decade-old company. I saw it running through my head. panels, and other earth-friendly tech, including adorable, personal windmills that generate electricity.

Jackie Breakdancer at IFA

Jackery Booth’s break dancer didn’t need solar power to generate infectious energy. (Image credit: Future/Lance Ulanov)

But the star of the show (and one that featured breakdancers and German singers deftly singing American favorites) was the new Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro.

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