First thoughts on Texas’ 52-10 win over Louisiana vs. Monroe

The Texas Longhorns’ 2022 season is underway, and for all intents and purposes, it’s as good a result as the Horns could ask for, with Louisiana on their way to a 52-10 victory. Overwhelmed Monroe.

Of course, you can’t put a lot of stock into a game that Texas has a 99% chance of winning, according to ESPN’s FPI, but here are some initial thoughts from the Longhorns’ 42-point victory. To do.

The era of Quinn Ewers is underway. Sark expected some trepidation at his first QB1 start, and there’s an obvious reason for it — Ewers has been playing meaningful football snaps for about a year and a half. did not. Ewers’ anxiety was evident in his first ever match, as he relied entirely too much on his arm and threw an interception in a high-traffic area. But then, with the help of what seemed like a seemingly normal play his call (more on that later), Ewers calmed down. Too much trust in his arm to accept what he is given.Overall, after a 0-2 start on the first drive, Ewers has scored 10 out of his 22 attempts in the final. In 16 innings he had 225 yards and a touchdown. He and Xavier Worthy missed some deep touchdown strikes they wanted back, but with the win secured, they will learn the young gunslinger’s opportunities as he settles into his role. .

Ewers may have his safety net with Ja’Tavion Sanders. More than a third of Ewers’ 16 completions came by Sanders (6), and the true sophomore turned into 85 yards and Texas’ first offensive score of the night. But when the going got tough, Ewers turned to Sanders and the two of them turned his 4th to move the chain and he turned his 4th into a 5-yard pick-up towards the end of the first half. , 4 and he changed the 7 to 10 yards. Lets shoot a field goal to Texas. Elsewhere, the two led him to a pair of 25-yard gains. No doubt there will be more shots to Worthy and Jordan Whittington as Ewers gets used to his receiver, but if Saturday is any indication of what’s to come, Ewers will expect a lot from Sanders.

14 points while the offense is sidelined? For a Texas team in dire need of taking multiple steps forward on the winning streak, it’s one way to do it. blocked. Then, early in the third quarter, Jamison was present again, turning his bad pass into a pick six. Of course, you shouldn’t expect multiple non-aggressive touchdowns per timeout, but as competition heats up and games get tougher, even just one can be the difference between a win.

The offensive line has room to grow. On the one hand, it looks promising as the Longhorns have placed three first-time starters in true freshman Kelvin Banks (LT), sophomore Hayden Conner (LG) and true freshman Cole Hutson (RG). It was done. Gels improve pretty quickly. And while they didn’t necessarily play badly, there were some obvious moments where blocks were missed and led to sacks and pressure. Young people are no excuse when it comes to bringing pass rush to town. Simply put, Kyle Flood has acquired a lot of talent along his offensive line. And starting his young players for the first time will naturally cause growing pains. Now Texas needs to work to prevent it from becoming a theme that starts to lead to losses.

balin sorrell is going to be a manThe sophomore was active early on, nearly matching his 2021 total (7) and 6 tackles on Saturday night. More notably, 1.5 sacks and he lost by 2 tackles. Consistency is key, but Sorrell showed his strength in the opening round and played his role on the edge. That’s exactly what the Longhorns need to move forward.

Jaylon’s Guilbeau flash was reassuring. Starting in the SPUR nickel position, the true freshman made some exciting plays that directly impacted possessions and the scoreboard. You’ll have to watch the movie again to catch it all, but Guilbeau made a tackle on his first drive, forcing a pass break and forcing a punt that Jamison blocked. His pressure from the edge then forced a throw into the dirt, and again his pressure forced a bad pass, which Jamison returned with a pick six. If Guilbeau can consistently be this influential and have a greater impact for Texas, that’s a big deal for the secondary.

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