Fans: Seahawks outlook for 2022 — where will the wins come from?

The calendar finally turns to September, and it’s time for regular season football. Let’s take a final look at the Seahawks’ schedule before they face the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football on Sept. 12.

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I’ve categorized each of Seattle’s 17 games into one of four buckets: games that should be won, games that could be won, games that need a decent upset, and games that need a big upset. Finally, here are these 2022 Seahawks official record predictions.

For the most part, I think the Seahawks are more competitive than most country’s talking heads expect. The result is likely to be a competitive loss rather than a win, but this season may not be as difficult for Seahawks fans to watch as some might expect. No (emphasis on “possible”).

Recalling Geno Smith’s three-game start at quarterback in 2021 could be a good benchmark when trying to predict the future. The Seahawks narrowly lost to the Steelers and Saints, and he went 1-2 in those three games.

Let’s see where you agree or disagree with my assessment.

Games the Seahawks Should Win (3)

Week 3 vs. Atlanta Falcons

No matter how low your expectations are for the Seaahwks this season, losing at home to the Falcons in the first month feels bad. Unless, of course, you expect Seattle to go 0-17 and claim the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. It could be fun with a spurt against London, but aside from that, expect another brutal season for Atlanta.

Week 8 vs. New York Giants

I will never forget sitting in the press box at Lumen Field during the Seahawks’ 2020 crushing loss to the Colt McCoy-led Giants. Regardless, unless the Giants show noticeable improvement early in the season, this should be a game Seattle should find a way to win. I’m not going to buy a fancy makeover.

Week 17 vs. New York Jets

Pretty similar to my thoughts on the Giants. Until we see the Jets make big strides, we can’t predict that the Seahawks will lose to them at home.

Games The Seahawks Could Win (7)

Week 1 vs. Denver Broncos

Seattle is a pretty underdog, but I can’t shake this feeling that the Seahawks are trying to find a way to ruin Russell Wilson’s debut in the Broncos. , which will definitely be Seattle’s Super Bowl this season.

Week 4 with the Detroit Lions

I’m not entirely an endorser of the “Hard Knock” inspired hype behind this Detroit team, but the Lions have an outstanding offensive line, an underrated set of skill players, And I think we will be competitive behind a defense that is constantly improving.

Week 6 vs. Arizona Cardinals

There’s no guarantee that the Kyler Murray-Cliff Kingsbury duo will do well in Arizona. It’s worth noting that DeAndre Hopkins will miss this game due to his suspension.

Week 9 with the Arizona Cardinals

If the cardinals are too low, I happily hold an ‘L’. Seattle should be able to hang out with Arizona at both conferences.

Week 14 vs. Carolina Panthers

This is a game that deserves a win at home against opponents who aren’t good at it. There is no guarantee that frequently injured star Christian McCaffrey will join the Carolina lineup in Week 14.

Week 15 vs. San Francisco 49ers

You never know what will happen in a divisional matchup, so for simplicity, I put the home game between the 49ers and the Rams in the “winnable” bucket and the road matchup in the “requires a big upset” bucket. I was. The Seahawks have inferior rosters to both teams, but NFC West can be unpredictable when these teams meet.

Week 18 vs. Los Angeles Rams

*see above*

A game that requires a significant upset (4)

Week 2 with the San Francisco 49ers

*see above*

Week 5 with the New Orleans Saints

The Saints certainly have playoff ambitions that the Seahawks don’t have this season. New Orleans has a better roster, and Lord He said winning the Superdome for the team is no easy task. Still, we can’t rule out Jameis Winston’s multi-intercept game until proven otherwise.

Week 12 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Opinions and expectations of the Raiders vary, but they’re the current AFC wildcard team, with the addition of Davante Adams and Chandler Jones in the offseason.

Week 13 with the Los Angeles Rams

*see above*

Games that require a big upset (3)

Week 7 with the Los Angeles Chargers

In my opinion, the Chargers have the best roster in all of football after adding Khalil Mack and JC Jackson this offseason. Justin Herbert is also his MVP favorite for a reason.

Week 10 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s been an odd offseason for Tampa Bay, but just looking at these rosters side-by-side confirms the Buccaneers’ overall dominance.

Week 16 with the Kansas City Chiefs

If the Seahawks beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead in Week 16, it would certainly ruin most of the remaining survivor pool entries.

Seahawks record predictions


In my opinion, the Seahawks are 2-4 in the division, with 4 wins against the Falcons, Giants, Jets, Broncos, Panthers and Lions.

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