Emily Deschanel and Madeleine Arthur Talk Ohio Demons, Broken Characters, and Rewinding Between Takes

Netflix Devil Inn Ohio is a dark thriller set in Central America and the perfect segue into a spooky season, starring Emily Deschanel as Suzanne, a conflicted psychiatrist who tries to help a deeply troubled young woman.

Madeleine Arthur plays May. She May is a sometimes frightening and broken woman. When we meet her, she is recovering in her hospital from abuse at the hands of the cult.

As Suzanne is trying to unravel May’s case, she takes her home, causing great tension between May and her family, who are not even aware of her connection to the cult.

“It’s unethical for a psychiatrist to bring a patient home,” said Deschanel. She said, “When I spoke to the psychiatrist who was preparing her for the role, she said that if this wasn’t inspired by real events, this would never happen. rice field.

So what is Suzanne’s motivation for bringing May home?

Emily Deschanel and Madeleine Arthur
Emily Deschanel and Madeleine Arthur

“As this show progresses, we learn more about Suzanne’s background and have some clues as to why she decided to save May…that [also] We’ve revealed more about Suzanne’s past and where her blind spots are…”

For Arthur, playing this bold, broken and terrifying character was all about figuring out what she wanted.

“It’s about connecting with such a broken state and really understanding what’s upsetting her and why she’s doing what she’s doing,” Arthur said. As the series progresses, we begin to understand what the motives are behind everything she does. ”

“For me, I love playing someone who’s dark and moody and doesn’t know what’s going on because it gives me so many different layers to play with and pull out at different times. And it was really cool to be on a journey with such a great scene partner like Emily, and we did the research to create such a unique character. It was fun to explore.”

In terms of mood on set, the series may look creepy, but off-camera it was completely different.

“I feel like I was laughing between takes,” said Arthur. “There were definitely some very emotional moments … but in the end I think it was pretty chill.”

“In my experience, a lot of times I laugh more when I’m doing drama,” said Deschanel. “When you go to see certain comedies, I haven’t done a lot of comedies in my life, but sometimes they’re so serious off camera… you get those jokes right.”

“So this was in line with that theory. We were having fun.

Find out more about how Emily Deschanel researched the role, as well as a full interview on series details, moods on and off camera.

Devil Inn Ohio It premieres on Netflix on Friday, September 2nd.

Image courtesy of Netflix.

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