Eagles’ Howie Roseman explains Jaylen Rieger trade to Vikings

Jalen Reagor’s disappointing Eagles career ended earlier this week when he was sent to Minnesota for a two-man draft pick.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman was able to win back Rager’s third-day pick several times, but there are doubts the first-round receiver from TCU didn’t live up to expectations in Philadelphia. there is no room for

Roseman spoke publicly at a press conference the day before the trade and likely won’t speak again in a similar setting until the end of the 2022 season. , discussed a trade for Liagol.

“Obviously it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to,” Roseman told the team’s website. I look at it with a critical eye and try to get better. I know I can keep improving.”

In his two years with the Eagles, Rieger caught 64 passes for 695 yards and three touchdowns. That’s not a terrible production for a mid-round pick, but the Eagles took Rager with the 21st overall pick in the 2020 draft.

When the Eagles took over Justin Jefferson, the fact that the Vikings celebrated with a now-infamous draft room video added to the pressure on the leaguers. The Vikings then jumped at the chance to pick Jefferson, who became his two-time Pro Bowler in his first two seasons. Reagor and Jefferson are now Vikings teammates.

Perhaps Reagor would find some success elsewhere in the NFL, but it was clear that the 23-year-old needed a chance in the landscape.

Roseman said on the Eagles site, “I think it’s probably best for Jalen to give him a chance elsewhere, for the sake of him and his career.” When I got to a point where I felt the value was fair, I pulled the trigger on the deal.He had a good camp and a lot of talent.He’s only 23.But Wherever we were, wherever he was, I felt like this made sense.”

By the way, the trading conditions are as follows.

Acquisition of the Vikings: Liagor

Eagles Acquire: 7th Round in 2023, 4th Round in 2024 “Possibly 5th Round if certain statistical marks are not met.”

Shortly after the 2021 season ended, Roseman and head coach Nick Siriani made no secret of their disappointment with Leaguer’s production and said they had had candid conversations with Leaguer about areas he needed to improve on. rice field.

At that time, however, Leaguer was still third in the receivers pecking order behind Devonta Smith and Kez Watkins. Ultimately, this offseason, the Eagles added AJ Brown and Zach his Pascal, pushing Rhager down to his fifth spot, a move that drained him even more.

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