Don’t pretend that celebrity princess Meghan Markle can meaningfully advance the cause of racial justice.Sisongke Musiman

MeTo be honest, I know nothing about the British royal family. I have my plate full by managing the shenanigans of my recently crowned monarch, King Mithul, leading the Zulu tribe. (What are their real names?)

Like others, I sometimes laughed at Piers Morgan’s bizarre obsession with them, and made fun of those in England who thought Markle, not Prince Andrew, was responsible for the demise of the royal family. As a native non-British black man, I basically saw the duo as hyped celebrities who inherited privilege and blood money, so I paid little attention to their family drama. .

But this week Markle launched her podcast with a viral and demeaning interview on The Cut, so we couldn’t ignore them. By the end of the bewilderingly narcissistic interview, I was left wondering what Markle had done to deserve to be at the top of the food chain being a celebrity social justice advocate.

Indeed, Markle has suffered a lot of racist violence since joining and leaving the British royal family.

Still, there’s no denying the fact that Markle isn’t a prince/duke/former royal/princess/princess married to the current son of the next king of England. blacks and browns around the world.

I’m surprised and frankly disappointed that she’s being endorsed as a role model for black girls. It annoys me that it can. It doesn’t mean “she can marry a prince someday”. It means you can find love. you can find happiness

“You can face what feels like your biggest obstacle, and then you can find happiness again.”

Markle’s message is grossly deceptive. Her love, happiness, and triumphs she talks about are centered primarily on her marriage.

Not surprising, of course. As the Black Lives Matters movement slipped out of the headlines, so did the racist socio-economic injustice that captured the world’s attention.

In this environment, it makes sense that Markle and others like her are getting such attention. . Her politics that can be commoditized and sold to the highest bidder. You can consume it, but you don’t have to live it.

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But this revolution isn’t on Spotify, and Markle isn’t an activist. Instead, the ex-duchess means a kind of hollow racial politics popular among elite American celebrities. Countries her husband has flew to in recent years.

Poverty, racial profiling, and poor access to healthcare are among the many black women in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Markle has yet to pose these questions in any meaningful way. Instead, she permeated a world of tenuous privileges that Hollywood stars seem to never get enough of.

While her friends like Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and Serena Williams have been in the spotlight based on decades of hard work, Markle has managed to make her successful marriage a multimillion-dollar business. has signed a media deal with

While this is great for her, we should be careful to assume that her personal successes have broader social applicability.

Markle seems vaguely aware that her position as Mrs. Windsor Sussex Mountbatten doesn’t have much substance. I remember years ago in London when a South African cast member of The Lion King pulled her aside.

According to Markle, “He looked at me and it was like a light. I rejoiced in the streets as much as I did when I was young.”

That’s a silly statement. Regardless of whether someone said these words or not, no self-respecting person would repeat them in public as they are clearly wrong.

Of course, calling Mandela’s name among celebrities is not uncommon. It is a shortcut to orthodoxy. From Piers Morgan to Madonna to Bill Cosby, everyone has tried to polish their reputations by comparing themselves to Nobel laureates who faced the gallows without blinking their eyes and then spent 27 years in prison. .

As Mandela’s grandson Mandela said in response to Markle’s article, “Every day there are people who want to be Nelson Mandela. They compare themselves to Nelson Mandela or imitate him. A young Mandela urged Markle to pull up his sleeves and get the job done.

To be fair, Markle seems poised to do some work. All of her media projects discuss racism, gender equality, and social change. Still, there’s no mistaking her position.Markle is very famous for marrying a prince.We wonder if a celebrity princess can advance the cause of racial justice in a meaningful way. You cannot continue to behave like

Getting rid of the raucous racists who hate Markle because she’s black, and having rich, out-of-touch women as role models, is a way forward for those we’re trying to do. It turns out to be much more difficult. Carve out a life not defined by beauty, royalty, celebrity, or wealth.

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