Disney returns to traditional animation with Bluebeard

Disney may return to traditional animation styles in future projects Bluebeard.

DisInsider spoke about the rumored scoop bluebeard Just days before Disney’s D23 Expo, a fan event showcasing previews of upcoming projects on Disney+, Disney Channel and Disney Junior. The reader is warned that there is According to sources, Disney is currently working on a 2D animation project. bluebeardbased on Charles Perrault’s 1600s French folktale of the same name.

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as for blue-bearded Production staff, Academy Award winner frozen Director Jennifer Lee may be involved. Lee, Disney’s first female director of a feature film, was promoted to Disney Animation Studios chief her creative officer in 2018. Raya and the Last Dragon When Encanto.

Will Disney return to 2D animation?

If the rumors are true bluebeard Since then, it will be Disney’s first traditionally animated film. princess and frogThe 2009 film was a step in the right direction for the animation studio. Tiana was the first Black Her Disney Princess and also the princess with her first job. princess and frog It was also the first Disney princess film set in 20th century America.Previous princess and frog Disney hadn’t used traditional animation since the 2004 film. Home on the Range.

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as for bluebeard, The film’s source material is not safe for children.However, this isn’t the first time Disney has used Gorytale to create a film adaptation. little mermaid, sleeping beauty and more movies. Despite the undeniably dark material of those films, bluebeard It might make them hit with its terrifying nature.

A French folktale follows the mystery surrounding the disappearance of an extremely rich man named Bluebeard and his ex-wife. Bluebeard remarries and goes on vacation when the new wife discovers the dead body of her former spouse hanging from a hook in a basement room that her husband has forbidden to enter. Disney has turned dark tales into children’s movies before, but it’s unclear how he’ll approach a violent tale like this one.

Source: DisInsider

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