Demi Lovato, why Jordan Leutz is taking romance ‘slowly’

It makes it easier. Demi Lovato and her new boyfriend, Jordan Leutz (aka Jute$) love their relationship.

“Demi loves how funny Jute$ is. She’s really into his character and has a ball with him. every week“They were introduced by a mutual friend and have been taking it easy.

The “Substance” singer, 30, was previously engaged. Max Ehrlich — a relationship she called off in September 2020, two months after he posed the question.

“I think I just stumbled into something I thought I should have done. Over time, I realized that I didn’t actually know the person I was engaged to,” Lovato said on March 2021. In the documentary on the moon, he said while looking back on the failure of the engagement. dancing with the devilAll the people who said ‘oh they rushed into it’ or ‘it won’t last’ are like ‘you proved them right’. It’s been 4-5 months and honestly it was false advertising.

However, in her new romance with Jute$, “Demi’s friends are so happy for her,” the source said. we“She really is always giggling [when] she is with him

Demi Lovato is taking time out on jute after Max Ehrich's failed engagement

Demi Lovato, Jute, Max Ehrlich. Shutterstock(3)

While the couple worked together on Lovato’s latest album, Holy Hookthe musician didn’t go public with the romance until Aug. 20, the singer’s 30th birthday (and the day after the record’s release).

“Happy birthday, baby. [You’re] At 30 years old Minx, I am the luckiest schmuck in the world. [you] At the time, Lutes went viral on Instagram, adding: [you] Laughter has become my new obsession because smiling literally cures my depression. …I am so proud [you] not only survive everything you’ve been through, but come out on top, [your] The healthiest, happiest and sweetest self. ”

He continued: “[You’re] is more than [your] music and more [your] A voice more than a beautiful face. It’s all about you,” he added. “I love [you] 😘🐞🥳😍”

of camp rock Starr responded with similar praise. “You are the best boyfriend in the world 😭😩,” she commented on Lutes’ post. I have never laughed so much and my heart is always full of love. [with] you. “

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