Courtney Stodden thrashed Bethenny Frankel after Kardashian’s jab

Courtney Stodden couldn’t help but recall how the “Real Housewives of New York City” alum treated them in a 2013 interview, so much so that the Kardashians presented their “distorted” beauty ideals. I had a hard time understanding Bethenny Frankel’s recent comment that she was.

“What about @bethennyfrankel for girls/women when you mocked me so much on your show when I was 19?” Stodden, now 28, wrote on Instagram Friday. “I canceled all my other interviews in New York and immediately went back to Los Angeles and cried.”

Stodden has since spoken to Page Six about the post and her experience with Frankel, saying: I live

“We never invite guests to a TV show just to mock them, especially 19-year-olds,” they continued. “The way you treat someone sticks with them. Words matter.” I was a very impressionable girl, screaming in my heart for love, but she scratched me and made my guests point at me and laugh.

At the time, the model was three years into her tumultuous marriage to Doug Hutchison and has been considered a “predator” ever since.

Stodden became a media sensation at the age of 16 after marrying an acting coach who was 50 at the time.
Stodden became a media sensation at the age of 16 after marrying an acting coach who was 50 at the time.
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Frankel took a jab at her guest’s looks, which, from a teenage perspective, didn’t feel skin-deep.

“You said you wanted to go back to being 19… you look like you’re in a strip club,” said Frankel. “You look very promiscuous and you look like the next move should do it Making porn videos…if this is how you market yourself.

Bethenny Frankel is "The Real Housewives of New York City."
Bethenny Frankel rose to fame through ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’.
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Stodden believes the host’s comments are not only harmful, but hypocritical.

“Her dress was about the same length as mine when I was sitting there, but she judged me by my hair and my clothes,” they say. is done, her hair is done, she has decided to downplay someone for her ratings, for the promotion of her show, the possibility of making a career as a TV talk show host.

“If I hinted that the Kardashians weren’t role models for young women, would she say her behavior was an example of role models? You ask if I’m healed… most of the time. But hearing and reading about her comments definitely struck a chord, and it clearly opened a wound that had to heal over the years.”

Stodden isn’t asking for an apology, but wants “acknowledgement and change” from Frankel.

“What if an older woman talks to her child like that because it’s misogynistic? Women should always support women,” they told us. I’m sick and tired of hurting women and hurting them for so long.

And for others who are ashamed of their appearance, Stodden has a simple message.

“You have enough. Your clothes don’t define you or your worth, no matter what you wear!”


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