Courant Wireless Charger 2022: Shop the New MAG:2

The fusion of technology and interior design is becoming more and more seamless. As design enthusiasts, we want our accessories and gadgets to work and blend in with our aesthetics. We’ve always focused on design-driven technologies like the CATCH:3 wireless charging pad (original? We know).

With all this innovative thinking in mind, the brand recently launched the MAG:2 Wireless Charging Stand (the impressive MAG :1 follow-up) has been released. Now you can enjoy FaceTime calls or prepare the latest recipes hands-free and in style.

mag2 charger on kitchen counter


The stand also allows you to easily rotate your phone from portrait to landscape. Once you start using it, you can’t go back. Best place? MAG:2 is crafted from Belgian linen and Italian leather and comes in a range of neutral colors to suit any space. It looks great anywhere from cream bones to sophisticated black. Plus, MAG:2 is sure to make the perfect holiday gift!

We totally understand that it can be an expensive buy, but every Apple user will get plenty of it. If you can’t get one, check out the rest of Courant’s collection.From wireless charging on a single device starting at $40, you can’t resist these form-and-function accessories. Finally, sign up for our email newsletter and Extra 15% off Check out all our picks below for your first purchase, and even more shopping inspiration!

MAG:2 Ash Classic
Courant MAG:2 Ash Classic
Credit: Courant
CATCH:3 Essential
Couran CATCH:3 Essentials
Credit: Courant
MAG:2 Cortado Classic
Courant MAG:2 Cortado Classic
Credit: Stay Courant
MAG:1 Essentials
Courant MAG:1 Essential
Credit: Courant
MAG:2 Essential in Natural
Courant MAG:2 Essential in Natural
Credit: Stay Courant
CATCH:2 Essentials
Couran CATCH:2 Essentials
Credit: Courant

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