Comedian Bill Murray Loses $186,000 to Hackers

American comedian Bill Murray has announced that hackers have compromised his wallet and stole $180,000 worth of Ethereum. According to full information, the attackers recently held an NFT auction and most of the recovered funds were in the aforementioned wallet. According to the statement, the hackers used up 90% of his total funds in his wallet, leaving him with just over $500 as a result of the act.

Bill Murray Lost 119 Ethereum

According to several news sources, Bill Murray announced that the total amount of Ethereum in his wallet was just over 119 at the time of the theft. A statement by the comedian’s team said the actor noticed a change in his wallet balance around 7. yesterday afternoon. According to DappRadar data, the wallet allegedly contained funds belonging to the attacker, including several of his NFTs. Extensive amounts in his portfolio have been decimated under attack, with the exception of Ethereum. New activity tracked in the wallet shows that Comedian’s team was able to remove about 10 of his other NFTs from Bill Murray’s wallet after it was compromised.

Actor is working with law enforcement to recover assets

A charity owned and managed by Bill Murray himself has put up for auction a collection of Bill Murray 1000 NFTs. The collection was hosted on his Coinbase, and the platform’s marketplace helped the comedian sell his assets. The hacker’s identity is still unknown, as on-chain data indicates that the stolen assets were sent to a cryptocurrency exchange. The funds collected at the auction were already destined for Chivas his charity.

However, according to new information, the auction’s second highest bidder announced a donation of over 120 Ethereum, which went to the charity. The report does not yet address how the malicious actors stole funds from the Comedian’s wallet. However, he pointed out that his team has contacted the police and is working with them to uncover the identity of the malicious person.

Separately, we are also in talks with Chainalysis, an on-chain analytics firm, to uncover the stolen funds. Bill Murray is one of a long list of prominent digital asset owners who have come under attack in recent weeks. His fellow actor Seth Green saw his wallet compromised because a hacker stole his BAYC NFT. He was then sent an NFT after paying the hackers some cash.

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