Charlbi Dean’s brother shares details about actress’ death at age 32

After Charubi Dean died at the age of 32, her brother remembered the actress as “one of the most caring and loving people I’ve ever known.”

On Wednesday, Alex Jacobs said rolling stone His sister’s sudden death in New York City on Monday came after she began experiencing “mild” symptoms, prompting her fiancé, Luke Volker, to rush her to urgent care. I asked her to take me to her room. She died a few hours later.

“This literally happened in a day,” said Jacobs, 21. rolling stone.

“We are still not entirely sure [what happened]Jacobs added, “There’s an autopsy going on, and we know it’s going to take a lot of time. [that] There was a viral infection in her lungs. ”

Jacobs said rolling stone Dean was involved in a “very bad car accident” around 2009, after which doctors removed her spleen.

“[The spleen is] “Her spleen wasn’t there only added to why she probably couldn’t fight it off.”

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Charubi Dean.
Samir Hussein/WireImage

PEOPLE confirmed Tuesday that Dean died of an unspecified illness.South African-born actress to star in next film sorrow triangleEarlier this year, it won the Palme d’Or, the highest honor at the Cannes Film Festival.

“She was the most caring, most loving person I’ve ever known,” Jacobs said. rolling stone“She reminded us every day how much she loved us.”

“It’s pretty shocking to us right now that something like that happened. She was really the glue that held us together,” he said.

Jacobs said rolling stone He is concerned after Dean’s fiancé Volker, 26, dies, saying that he and Dean’s entire family “love him very much.”

“I can’t imagine being in that place,” Jacobs said. “Mom’s biggest worry was that she might die alone. He stayed with her as much as possible.”

Charubi Dean.
Lionel Hahn/Getty

On Wednesday, model/artist Volker shared a short video on his Instagram to thank Dean for the messages he received after his death, also known for his role in the 2010 South African film. Spud And the superhero CW series black lightning.

“Hi everyone. I wanted to post a picture of Charlbi, but it’s a bit difficult,” Volker began. “And I just wanted to tell you that I see all your messages, all your love, and appreciate it. I love you.”

In an Instagram post on April 8, Dean revealed that she and Volker got engaged in New York City. rice field.

When she gave her breakout performance sorrow triangleVolker expressed how proud he was of Dean on social media in May.

“3 years later!!” he wrote in an Instagram post. “For all possible, almost impossible obstacles, they made it! The movie is a masterpiece from top to bottom. Everyone did an amazing job. I couldn’t be more proud of you dear I can’t think.”

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