Can the Knicks do without Donovan Mitchell?

ok Leon Rose did it We have put together the best trading packages for Donovan Mitchell. But in the end he didn’t.

Knicks president reportedly set a deadline for monday night For the Jazz, they finally agree to a deal to send three-time All-Star Mitchell to New York. report change about what would have been headline Back in Utah: RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, Quentin Grimes, two unprotected first-round picks, a combination of protected top-five futures (possibly via the Bucks), multiple second-round picks, and Ride a possibly unlimited-metrocard. When that deadline passed, Rose stepped away from the negotiating table, signed a four-year, nine-figure contract extension with Barrett, sat tight, and announced that Jazz CEO Danny Ainge would no longer be on board within weeks. I was convinced that I would not find a satisfactory deal. The road to training camp.

But Rose’s retreat opened the door For Cleveland, who was recently considered out of Mitchell’s sweepstakes, he stepped back and made an offer, making Mitchell a Cavalier. Three unprotected first-round picks in 2025, 2027 and 2029plus the right to exchange first-round selections with Cleveland 2026 and 2028with signed and traded Collin Sexton, stretch-4/jumbo-3 Lauri Markkanen and rookie-to-be Ochai Agbaj were just drafted by the Cavaliers 14th overall in June.

3 unprotected picks and everything else. That was the price the Cavaliers paid to acquire Mitchell, and it was close to, if not more than, what Utah got from Minnesota for Rudy Gobert.

according to many reportRose ultimately did not offer more than two unprotected firsts in the deal featuring BarrettHe may have declined to include second-year shooting guard Grimes in any packageESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said he would rope in a third team to absorb the two years remaining on Evan Fournier’s contract and $36.9 million, making him the third pick as part of a larger offer. claimed top 5 protection in He stayed on the hard line, betting that Mitchell’s market was soft enough that he could close the deal without giving up the best. I bet I could get a package of picks from.

Utah’s bet paid off. New York did not. As a result, the Knicks still kept all the chips he started in September, but left in search of a new game to play. Whether you consider it a catastrophe or a mild annoyance depends on how much you appreciate Mitchell, the soon-to-be-26-year-old shot-making engine. It brings not only a player on the planet, but also a defensive and playmaking peccadillo.

If you look at Mitchell as the kind of scoring prowess that could lift the Knicks out of the bottom half of the league in offensive efficiency for the first time in nine years, give New York the firepower to compete consistently in the postseason, and then he’s just a few. It seems like a grave error to go one past draft pick—pennywise but pound’s overestimating the value of theoretical future prospects at the expense of concrete present tense flair. stupid way of thinking.

If Mitchell is a defensive low-responsibility, sometimes mechanical playmaker whose weaknesses mark him as a second-tier All-Star (closer to the NBA’s 25th-best player than a Top 10), your Choose not to give up control. His next five drafts are neither laziness nor dereliction of duty. It is about exercising self-control and discipline. Since taking charge at Madison Square Garden in March 2020, he has been sticking to the plans Rose has put forward, with the Draft Night maneuvers that gave New York the money to lure Jaylen Brunson from the Mavericks. He referred to it after the transaction.

“Our focus will continue to be strategic and thoughtful in team building,” said Rose. wrote in the statement After draft. “We’re doing it the right way, building on the momentum we’ve had since the end of last season and prioritizing our player development programme.

Rational thinking may differ as to how much stock New York should put into its 12-11 record and sixth-highest net valuation in the East after the All-Star break. But if nothing else, there seems to be a consistent consistency between Rose’s message and his actions in Mitchell’s negotiations. don’t do that. Stay low and build. Look, like the Cavs have.

Cleveland already has a core featuring 21-year-old prodigy Evan Mobley, along with Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen’s Under-25 Bookend All-Stars. It’s easier for the Cavaliers to look at the state of the Eastern (by the way, they were two games away from leading the All-Star break before the injury spate) and think for themselves. One great addition away from the competition. With Mitchell, Branson, Julius Randle, Mitchell Robinson and the starting five of the wingers still on the roster, it will be very eye-opening to see what’s left for New York after all the great success. must be narrowed down. similar competitors. And as many predicted, the point of welcoming Mitchell to his MSG door was persuasion. next If Star (whoever it is) joins him, draft picks will become a burden over the next five years, with $100 million spent on the 2023-24 quartet of Mitchell, Randall, Branson and Robinson, No Knicks team will join him. Does the young player Utah would have recruited for Mitchell still have enough in the cupboard to make such a deal?

Maybe the answer is yes. perhaps, Tony Jones athletic tweeted on thursdayMaybe that, and if the Mitchell-led core was still there, would have helped the Knicks record their second 50-win record in the century. would have been enough.

Again, if those players and protected picks aren’t enough to get Nicks Mitchell, what stars are worth charging for? right they net?How likely are they to trap the player Better Ostensibly the gist of the “first star gives second star” thought experiment? Will the resulting roster have a meaningful chance at competing for a championship? Or, years later, the Knicks will: Do you find yourself hitting a good-but-not-great second-round ceiling in the same way that Mitchell’s Jazz failed to break through? Given how hopeless New York has been in his 20 years, is the prospect of shaving that ceiling alone enough reason to pull the trigger?

Rose and his men clearly did not consider the answers to these questions convincing enough to finalize the deal the Jazz would make. After allusions, Knicks are back where they stood at the beginning of July. , and how they can improve using what they already have. (By the way, depending on whether you’re asking a New York executive or a head coach, you might get different answers.)

The Knicks finished 37-45 last season, but after subtracting the time Kemba Walker was given in his ill-fated experiment in the first month of the season, he actually played 3 per 100 non-garbage-time possessions. I had more points than my opponent.To glass cleaning, tied for fourth in the full season in ERA. This plus-3 net his rating is better than when the Knicks scored his 41 wins in the 2020-21 season, putting him in an amazing No. 1 spot in the East. 4 species. Perhaps, given all of this, will there be enough of a healthy version of the roster to revive Randall and Branson a playmaking stunner to boost Barrett to produce a team that can contend for the top? It’s reasonable for Knicks executives to want to know. Six points.

Problem: it is terrible It’s a difficult question in today’s East. Barring injuries, only Chicago out of last season’s Top 6 seems likely to fall. (That sound you just heard was DeMar DeRozan swinging an impossible midrange dagger in response.) No. 7 Brooklyn didn’t trade Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving after all. No. 8 Atlanta and No. 9 Cleveland were traded for All-Star guards.

The Knicks with Mitchell may not have cracked the East’s top six. However, as it is currently composed, the Knicks may find it difficult to even crack the top 10 to make play-in tournaments. is returned.

Rose’s reluctance to part ways with the Knicks lads and his focus on internal development sees him see a bigger role offshore in the likes of Barrett, Grimes, Toppin and Quickley. Tom Thibodeau’s penchant for veterans is well-known, and as a result, Randle has played more than any other player in the NBA in the last two seasons, while Toppin Only 14 times a game exceeded 24 minutes in that period. At best, when he has the option of having a longer resume, he is hesitant to offer those opportunities. , Rose is… delete Some of Tibbs’ options, as Billy Beane once did to Art Howe?

(It’s suddenly so sad that we won’t get to see Philip Seymour Hoffman play Tom Thibodeau.)

Rose still has the flexibility and option to pursue other moves. For example, mounting a pick and moving Randle or Fournier would open up more time for Toppin or Grimes, and more on-ball opportunities for Branson and Barrett. He also has a head coach who could challenge him if he does a table, ladder and chair game. He still has a piece to trade with Star, and even if Mitchell didn’t think it was worth going all-in, he might find himself waiting a long time for Star’s crack. = Expect the name Alexander to be heavily debated among Knicks fans and the media.

Discretion may be a good part of courage. However, with a long enough timeline, it can appear to do nothing. Waiting is the hardest part, especially in the East, which is getting tougher by the minute, but Rose seems content to stick with his plan, for better or worse. I can only hope that it is correct and that his and their patience will be rewarded in the end.

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