BYU in South Florida: How to Watch, Watch, and Stream the Game

No. 25 BYU in South Florida

  • kick off: 2 pm
  • venue: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa (65,890 capacity).
  • tv set: ESPNU
  • Live stream: Watch ESPN
  • wireless: 1160 AM/102.7 FM
  • series: USF won the first game of 2019, and BYU defeated the Bulls last season.
  • weather: Sporadic thunderstorms with temperatures in the high 90s around kickoff.


For BYU: The Cougars are looking to extend their double-digit winning streak to three seasons. The quest begins with a trip to Florida. BYU is 5-1 in the season opener under Karanishitake.

For South Florida: The Bulls won just three games in their first two seasons under coach Jeff Scott, and only one of them was against an FBS opponent.

what to watch out for

BYU has not been particularly impressive in their last two matches against South Florida. The Cougars can’t afford a loss to start the season if they hope to make a national splash in their final year of independence, especially if No. 10 Baylor and No. 11 Oregon are next .

According to ESPN’s Bill Connelly, BYU makes the most money in the nation at 85%, while South Florida comes in third at 83%.

The two quarterbacks have some history with each other.

BYU’s Jaren Hall missed the 2021 USF game due to injury, but he faced South Florida starter Jerry Bohannon when he was in Baylor last year.

In BYU’s loss to Baylor last season, Hall put up solid numbers, throwing for 342 yards and a touchdown, rushing for 25 yards and another touchdown, and scoring for 56 yards on four down plays. .

Meanwhile, Bohannon threw for 231 yards, had an interception for a touchdown, and led the Bears offense for 303 rushing yards.

key player

BYU running back Chris Brooks (2) carries the ball during a BYU scrimmage at Ravel Edwards Stadium on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

BYU Cougars running back Chris Brooks (2) carries the ball during the BYU scrimmage at Ravel Edwards Stadium on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Chris Brooks, RB, BYU: Brooks, who moved from Cal, has been tasked with running the back load the year after Tyler Allgaier (now the Atlanta Falcons) set the program’s single-season rushing record.

Brooks will help with the return of Ropini Catoa, Miles Davis and Jackson McChesny, as well as the arrival of fullback Houston Heimli from Stanford.

But the 6-foot-1-inch, 230-pounder is expected to do most of the work in the backfield, and the season opener in South Florida will be Brooks’ first chance to show BYU fans what he’s up to. will be


“There are still a lot of unknowns. We don’t know much about what they will do in attack or defense with the new coordinator. I’m preparing for it.” — Kalani Shitake, South Florida BYU Coach.

“They play well together. There’s a very similar sense of togetherness to how we won at Clemson in the culture we had. You play one of us, you all of us.” If you turn on the video watching BYU, you’ll see it.” — South Florida coach Jeff Scott, former Clemson assistant.


BYU will host Top 10 Baylor at the Cougars’ home opener on Sept. 10. South Florida will host Howard on the same day.

BYU schedule

September 3 — BYU in South Florida.

September 10 — BYU vs. No. 10 Baylor.

September 17 — BYU at No. 11, Oregon.

September 24 — BYU vs. Wyoming.

September 29 — BYU vs. Utah.

October 8 — BYU vs. No. 5 Notre Dame (Las Vegas).

October 15 — BYU vs. No. 19 Arkansas.

October 22 — BYU at Liberty.

October 28 — BYU vs. East Carolina.

November 5 — BYU at Boise State University.

November 12 — Goodbye.

November 19 — BYU vs. Utah Tech.

November 26 — BYU at Stanford.

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