Britney Spears responds to allegations of sons amid Kevin Federline feud

The story continues. Britney Spears has a lot to say about her sons with Kevin Federline and how mothers represent themselves on social media.

Britney shared her thoughts on the Jayden James interview on Instagram on Sept. 2, 2022. “GEEEZ, what comes to mind later…the fact that I sing with Elton…makes me cry…he’s me and my mom’s favorite musician…from 8am to 2pm I drive to my dance class. I’ve been listening to it for hours on … Let’s watch it again ‘Oh my God F—–K!!! Wow what an honor to have in such talented hands!!! ‘s son might give him a run for his money!!! ….I have tons of footage of him playing…yup my kids are freaking geniuses!!!” “Baby…One More Time” captioned a post referencing new single “Hold Me Closer” with Elton John. “I’m kinda scared… he stopped seeing me… I posted something of him but he was really mad so unfortunately I couldn’t post my dear family … either way I feel sorry for the kids I keep on social media … I’m sorry I feel like I’m doing this for attention … I’m sorry for the way you feel … but what do you think I have news for you…I am a child of God and we are all in God’s eyes…so no sorry…I have learned to say so !!!”

In an interview with ITV, Britney’s son Jaden James revealed his relationship with his brother’s mother. It’s almost as if she has to post something to get her attention,” he confessed. “This has been going on for years and years, and it may never really stop.” As with social media, he said the relationship between the two “could be 100% fixed, but I think it could take a lot of time and effort.” He concluded, “I want to see her again.”

The feud between K-Fed, her son, and Britney began when Britney’s ex-husband claimed the two sons had been separated from their mother for “months.” K-Fed posted to his Instagram on August 11, 2022, three videos of Britney allegedly arguing with her children. “I cannot just shut up and allow my sons to be criticized like this after what they went through. As much as it hurts us, we as a family post these videos.” “I decided to do it,” Kevin captioned the video, which has since been removed. I hope it grows better than this.”

Britney has responded to the video and posted several times about her relationship with her sons. She wrote on her Instagram that she “always looked forward” to spending time with her sons, calling their recent behavior “disgusting.” “I know it’s hard…but come on, there’s disrespect and hate,” she wrote. I locked the door!!! The monitors will tell me he likes being in his room…if they don’t even visit me why am I visiting me Is that true!!! But I have to be kind, so I never said that!!!”

"mother's gift" Britney Spears, Lynn Spears

Image: Courtesy of Delacorte Books.

To learn more about Britney Spears, read her 2001 book. mother’s giftA semi-autobiographical fiction novel co-written with Britney’s mother, Lynn Spears, it follows Holly Faye Lovell, a 14-year-old aspiring singer in the small town of Biscay, Mississippi. I’m here. As the youngest student ever to win a scholarship to her prestigious Havarti School of Music, Holly must choose between leaving her mother Wanda behind and pursuing her dreams. As Holly begins her new life and makes gorgeous new friends, Wanda meets with her mother to wrestle with a long-hidden secret that could destroy her bond with her daughter forever. I find her humble background disconcerting.

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