Briana DeJesus confirms that Ashley Jones is pregnant. Ashley, Briana, Jade Cline & More Join Massive Battle On ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Set – Ashley’s Reality Roundup

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Ashley Kick up the hornet’s nest on Friday teen mom family reunion Season 2 sets, results Ashley Jones and her mother tea, Even if Briana DeJesus and her mother Roxanne kicked out of the show.

Major players in the story, Ashley, Tee, Brianna, and several other cast members took to Instagram after Ashley’s story fell apart. Ashley confirmed that she actually spit on Brianna, but she claimed that Roxanne tried to throw a tea chair.

Brianna came back claiming that Ashley was pregnant (which Ashley has not revealed and has yet to confirm or deny).

Allowing Ashley to recap the latest events…

Brianna claimed on her Instagram Stories that she plans to prosecute Ashley before revealing she’s pregnant.

“I was going to keep this a secret because it’s part of the NDA we all signed and I’m going to sue. “But I’m going to stand by what’s right,” Briana wrote. I couldn’t bear to be there, so I ran out and tried to walk towards my mother.

“At this point, everything else doesn’t matter. Your true deeds shone brightly that night. Stop lying. #LetTheClipPlay.”

Brianna claimed Ashley brought up the fact that Bri once threatened to spit on Kale (Ashley’s friend). Brianna confirmed that spitting had taken place again, stating that “fluids splattered all over the place…”

“Now no one can blame me!”

“And after the bodily fluids were all over the place… ‘Who are you spitting on? [Kail] About that…were you “protecting” your mother, or were you still trying to fight that white woman’s fight that took advantage of you?

Finally, Brianna revealed that Ashley’s husband Burr Smith He is currently in prison after being arrested on a warrant last month.

“I think it’s normal for you to spit because the only person you’ve beaten up is yourself[on the internet]…it’s considered assault in Oregon.” Enjoy being behind,” Buri wrote.

The faces on all of us after reading that last comment….

Ashley later confirmed that she was in fact pregnant and had some choice words about Brianna’s premature disclosure of her pregnancy.

“And as for me being pregnant, yes, thank you,” Ashley wrote. [Luis Hernandez] Who did you ask to sign custody? Loser. “

“You said you could count how many times he saw your child on one hand, but I’d appreciate it if you could count the number of pills he took to satisfy his libido.”

we all now…

Brianna was right back and posted: And he’s in jail, did CPS come to your house? And are you fighting, knowing you’re pregnant? It jeopardizes the welfare of the fetus. Girl sucks my imaginary dick backwards.

Ashley clapped again.

“And finally, I can’t bring myself to be ashamed of what I’ve opened up about,” she wrote. You can’t be ashamed. When you find a man, you see the real trials and tribulations of a relationship.”

Earlier, Ashley posted a photo of her and her mom holding luggage.

Ashley wrote on Instagram Stories, “If you come to my mother and physically attack her or push her, I will intervene at any time. ”

she also teen mom shades roomAn Instagram post about The Ashley’s article claims there’s more to the story.

“How do I [Briana and Roxanne] It’s still me and my mother who started it [being called] Invaders,” Ashley wrote. “Let me say this, you came for my mom or tried to physically attack her and you got what you got. has many false statements…

“This is not true. When the footage comes out, we’ll see how it all fell apart,” Ashley wrote. “It started with Roxanne trying to throw her chair at her mother…

“I wanted to throw the couch, but Amber was already sitting there.”

Someone else brought up the fact that Briana once threatened to spit on Kale on camera, writing: [spitting] are two different things. Spitting is the least you can do. ”

Ashley seemed to confirm that she had indeed hooked Rougie.

“I mean nothing just because she’s threatening. Attacking someone’s mother sucks,” she wrote.

Tea said on Instagram Stories: And you know they’re after you.

Ashley’s mother-in-law, shen williams, also weighed in on the situation and condemned Ashley’s alleged behavior. (Shen didn’t attend the reunion and seems to be at odds with Ashley at this point.)

“Spitting on someone is not a big fight. It’s disgusting and the worst thing you can do to someone!” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Ashley then replied to Shen’s comment teen mom shade roomThe post in the post hints that she has also had a physical fight with Shen before.


“And speaking of Shen talking shit in the comments, the last time she stepped straight out of the line, she was shaken in the face and has been crying about it ever since.” Sex is about me, but when I was paying her rent, I was the perfect daughter-in-law.

(Tee later publicly asked Shen not to “do this” so they could “get peace.”)

Next, Jade Klein entered the chat. She took to her Instagram to add her thoughts on the Ashley/Bri/Roxy/Tea brawl. She sided with Brianna, calling Ashley and Tee’s behavior “embarrassing” and “disgusting.”

“I’ve seen leaked stories about ‘TMFR’ and a lot of things aren’t accurate… me and all the girls saw what happened,” Jade wrote. “I stay in my lane online, but I never act like Bri was the problem. Ashley and her mother are bullies and don’t know how to behave.”

“Their behavior was embarrassing. All of us here are disgusted. It’s awkward for Ashley to spit in someone’s face. It speaks to the level of her character. Her and her.” mother is the perpetrator, not the victim.”

Jade claimed that the rest of the cast did not want Ashley and Tee to stay after the incident.

“We as a whole didn’t want Ashley or her mother on set after the incident. They just sent Brie home and MTV told them, ‘This is not fair.’ What happened to Bri was wrong. All the mothers here have sympathy for Bri and hate that this happened. Spitting in someone’s face is disgusting and messed up. ”

Ashley then returned and dealt with the fact that Bri was claiming he intended to file charges against her. provided additional details about what happened.

“I don’t do that police, but both you and your mom threw glass at me and mine, so if you want to go there, I’ll see you in court,” Ashley wrote. .

She also claimed to have been around Roxanne and Brianna while staying at the Holding Hotel. .)

“They didn’t say a word. All of a sudden, when we had a cast dinner and the cameras and security were there, Roxy decided to talk to my mom,” Ashley wrote. said to her. [piece] And when her mother offered her, Roxy said, “Shut up, I won’t say what you have to say.”

Ashley claims that when Tee told her she couldn’t talk like that, Roxanne picked up a chair and acted like she was going to throw it at Tee.

Ashley confirmed Ashley’s report that a second round fight took place in the kitchen later that night.

“Roxy isn’t saying ‘I’m sorry’ by bumping into my mother in the kitchen,” she said. [and] It all started again,” Ashley wrote. “Buri thought it would be a good idea to talk to her mom instead of talking to her. That’s why she and I were so into it.”

Ashley will keep this story updated…

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