Bold and beautiful recap: Sheila shows up at Deacon’s job when Finn is around

In his morning routine at the butler’s house, he tells Sheila: Sheila ponders whether it would be wise to make fun of a woman who cuts off her own toes to keep her out of jail. Deacon sneaks up on her prosthetic mask and she says it’s hindering her from going the lengths she’ll go to get what she wants Sheila tells him to remember it advise to She started talking about meeting Finn and Deacon ordered her not to think about it. Sheila reminds him of her disguise. Deacon counters that he was drunk, and Hope thought she seemed familiar when she came there. . He warns Sheila to lay down rather than let them return to prison while he is gone.
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At Il Giardino, Li ruminates on how Sheila was pure evil while having lunch with Finn. He takes her hand and reminds her that everything was fine with her. She is surprised that he chose this restaurant after the incident in the alley. Finn teases that it won’t let him down and that they have the best ravioli. Lee thinks it’s a miracle he’s alive. Finn speculates that it makes her her miracle worker.
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At Brooke’s house, Douglas spent another night with Thomas, so it’s hard to believe Hope was all right. Liam tells Hope that they are just as worried as she is. Brooke thinks it’s time for Douglas to come home. Her wish agrees and she tells him she told Thomas about it yesterday. She feels that Thomas has changed, and she explains that today she was asked to come to the Forrester mansion and see how happy Douglas is. Brooke lets out an exasperated sigh.

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor tells Douglas his artwork is spectacular. Thomas and Eric are looking at us with a grin. Douglas complains that when he returned home, all of his paint was gone. Taylor goes to fetch him all new supplies. “Sometimes during missions, the paint can get messed up.” Eric tells Douglas that he’s a great artist and that he’s definitely a Forrester. Douglas is grateful to his great-grandfather for allowing him to stay. He is having the best time there with his father. thomas beam. Eric assures the boy that he can stay there as long as he likes, and they make plans to paint together. Thomas sends the child off to finish reading, and the adults discuss how great he is — he reminds Eric of Thomas at that age. I’m here. He doesn’t want to be away from his son for another day.
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On Il Giardino, Li understands that Sheila’s death is complicated for Finn. Finn recaps how she turned up on his wedding day and it was one nightmare after another. But there was only darkness. Lee thanked God that the nightmare was finally over.

At Deacon’s house, he and Sheila continue to argue over whether her disguise will work.

At Brooke’s house, Hope doesn’t want a custody battle. She wants Douglas happy and healthy, and Brooke swears Thomas wants a boy with him more for himself than for his son. Hope says that’s why she accepts his offer. Liam asks, “Are you going to Eric’s house?” Hope plans to give them a surprise visit.

In Forrester manse, Thomas previously knew he wasn’t fit to raise Douglas, but now he’s ready. He’s been living with Hope for so long now that it’s time for him to come back. I am confident that I can convince Hope that

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On Il Giardino, Li loves getting together with Finn, but laments that she kept talking about Sheila. Finn says she talks about it and she thinks it’s a good thing she reveals it. He talks with Taylor about it and recaps what they’ve been through.
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At Deacon’s house, he knows Sheila needs to see Finn again, but she can’t – it’s too dangerous. . Sheila realizes that Deacon forgot her phone and she tries to call after him, but she is too late.

At Brooke’s house, Liam tells his mother-in-law that he’ll trust whatever Hope decides…but he doesn’t trust Thomas and never intends to. We’re talking about. Brooke agrees. Liam realizes that Hope has an amazing ability to forgive, and doesn’t want Thomas to take advantage of it and convince Douglas to let him stay with him. Brooke swears he won’t let it happen. She fears the boy if he is taken from Liam and Hope’s house.
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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas thanks Taylor for always being there for him. As I say this, hope creeps in. Thomas notices her and Taylor exits. Hope tells Thomas that she is taking him on his offer. He knows this won’t be easy for her and thanks her for giving him a chance — give him and Douglas a chance.

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At Brooke’s house, Liam admits to her that he still dislikes the idea of ​​Thomas and Hope being together. Brooke thinks he’s silly to let his guard down. But Liam supports Hope going there in this one instance, so she can see for herself what the deal is with Thomas and Douglas.
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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas tells all the fun things Hope and Douglas were doing. Douglas rushes into the room, excited to learn that spiders are not insects. He finds Hope and thanks her for letting him stay there—he enjoys it a lot!

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At Deacon’s house, Sheila puts the finishing touches on her disguise, picks up her jacket and Deacon’s phone, and heads out.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon comes to Finn’s table. The doctor gets up and hugs him. He saved his life and the whole world. Deacon is in the right place at the right time and Finn thinks he’s a walking miracle. Deacon is asking about his wife and children, and Finn brings up Sheila’s death just as Sheila appears behind Finn waving Deacon’s phone. Deacon’s expression changes and Finn asks, ‘Is something wrong?’ Before turning around to see what he sees!
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to the next Bold and Beautiful: Hope continues her visit with Douglas at the Forrester mansion, while a frantic Deacon tries to block Finn and Bill’s view of Sheila.

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