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Brutty AC500


As the market leader in the global portable power market, BLUETTI officially launches its latest model, the AC500. September 1 15:00st GMTThe successor to the AC300 solar generator, the AC500 is 100% modular with no built-in battery. Therefore, the B300 will also be launched as an extended battery pack.

Overview of highlights

  • 100% modular and expandable with total capacity up to 18,432Wh.
  • Compatible with B300 or B300S extended battery packs.
  • 5,000W AC pure sine wave inverter (10,000W surge);
  • Multiple charging methods and dual charging are also supported.
  • 3000W solar input, 8000W input rate with dual charging.
  • Easily monitored and controlled with the BLUETTI app.

Brutty AC500

High-capacity solar generators usually come in large sizes. However, the modular design significantly reduces the overall size and weight of the AC500, while increasing the flexibility of carrying each battery pack, customizing its capacity to suit any need and situation.

BLUETTI also values ​​existing customers. If he previously bought the AC300, he can do the same with the B300, so he doesn’t need to buy the B300S to pair with the AC500.

Super fast charging, take off immediately

BLUETTI is dedicated to building the future with renewable energy and providing solutions to save your budget and transition to solar power. AC500 is equipped with an unparalleled MPPT solar inverter, capable of up to 3000W solar input, very competitive in the market. It’s no surprise that in the midsummer sun it only takes him about 1.5 hours to charge the SOC from 0 to 80%. Where there is sunlight, there is an unlimited supply of electricity.

Brutty AC500

For AC500+2*B300S combo, dual charging by AC and solar at the same time can achieve up to 8000W input rate (requires at least 2*B300S). one hour). It’s time to say goodbye to old gasoline generators producing toxic fumes and annoying noises.

Temperature adaptability, excellent performance

BLUETTI always adopts cutting-edge technology and creates new ideas to take user experience to the next level. Power plants don’t react well, especially on freezing and Temperature adaptation functionwhen the ambient temperature is -20℃, the B300 will automatically heat up to above 0℃, allowing it to work smoothly as usual.

Brutty AC500

availability and price

The AC500+B300S combo will be released on Indiegogo on September 1st at 3pm GMT. As for pricing, BLUETTI is giving a huge debut discount at just $2999 for the first 300 units of the combo AC500+B300S.

About Brutti

Brutty AC500

With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. BLUETTI has a presence in over 70 countries and is trusted by millions of customers worldwide. For more information, visit BLUETTI online at

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