Bill Turnbull’s funniest moments – from dropping C-bombs live to hilarious adult Susannah Reid slip-ups

For decades, Bill Turnbull has entertained the public with his witty sense of humor.

Today, it was sadly announced that the former BBC Breakfast host passed away at the age of 66 after a long battle with prostate cancer.

Bill was known for his great on-air chemistry with Susannah Reid


Bill was known for his great on-air chemistry with Susannah ReidCredit: Rex

His family said he died peacefully at his home in Suffolk on Wednesday, five years after being diagnosed in 2017.

The TV show favorite hosted BBC Breakfast with co-hosts Sian Williams, Mishal Husain and Susanna Reid for 15 years starting in 2001 and was a staple on Songs of Praise and the game show Think Tank.

As the country mourns his passing, we look back at his funniest moments over the years.

C bomb drop

Bill Turnbull's final TV appearance reunites with friend Susannah Reed at GMB
Amid Bill's cancer battle, he described how he felt 'calm' about facing death

Although he was a consummate professional, Bill made the occasional mistake on live television.

In 2015, he suffered a major gaffe when he accidentally dropped a C-bomb.

He stumbled across the word when he tried to say “client” but ended up saying “c***s” instead.

The experienced broadcaster quickly regained his composure and continued the segment as if nothing had happened.

Piers Morgan Digg

His unintentional coming-of-age gaffe left fans stitching


His unintentional coming-of-age gaffe left fans stitchingCredit: Rex

After reuniting with Susannah on Good Morning Britain last year, Bill joked that he’ll be storming off the set, just like the infamous Piers Morgan did in March 2021.

As he welcomed viewers to the time-delayed show, he said:

He then gave Susannah a cheeky look, finally adding, “Oh, embarrassing silence.”

His red-faced co-host was forced to cough awkwardly to fill the time.

adult gag

Bill made a cheeky gag that made Susanna blush


Bill made a cheeky gag that made Susanna blushCredits: 3

On an episode of GMB, Bill told viewers about his morning routine, which included yoga sessions.

He said to Susanna: “You can go later Susanna, there’s enough space on the floor.

“We need to have a session on the floor before we finish on Wednesday.”

After an awkward pause, he added:

Afterwards, Susanna turned her trademark stern look to the camera and said, “Hold on Bill Turnbull.”

dancing king

He shared a dance with Carol Kirkwood on broadcast


He shared a dance with Carol Kirkwood on broadcastCredit: Rex

Fun-loving Bill never hesitated to show his goofy side and was loved by audiences of all ages.

When weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood was revealed to be a Strictly Come Dancing contestant in 2015, she joined him for an impromptu dance break.

Bill himself entered the show’s third series in 2005, finishing sixth with partner Karen Hardy.

Game of Thrones mix-up

If an actor is very well known, it’s easy to confuse the actor’s name with the character’s name.

That’s what happened to Bill when he called Game of Thrones star Kit Harington by his character’s moniker, Jon Snow.

After chatting with Kit about the death of his alter ego, Bill said, “Thank you, John.”

Not offended, and seeing his funny side, Kit assured him, “It’s okay, it will happen.”

lost earphones

Bill lost his earbuds while working at GMB


Bill lost his earbuds while working at GMBCredit: ITV

In 2020, Bill made fans burst into laughter at GMB when he lost his earbuds on live TV.

Susannah told viewers that Bill has a “hump day” on Wednesdays.

He replied: “And I forgot my contact lenses, so I have to put on my glasses. Then my earphone popped out and I can’t find it.”

Then, during an ad break, a clip was shown of the entire production team scrambling to find the missing gadget.

Ranvir Singh even tried to find it with his ears, but he replied:

i love anastasia

Bill got a cheeky kiss from Anastasia


Bill got a cheeky kiss from AnastasiaCredit: ITV

Breakfast for the BBC got a little spicy when Anastasia kissed Bill on the cheek in 2015.

The American megastar was seen sneaking up on him while talking about the weather before planting a peck.

He then joked: “It rarely happens at this time of day.”

Anastasia, who was clearly in a frivolous mood, replied shyly: “Somehow I don’t believe it.


In 2017, Bill made a guest appearance on GMB and was clearly thrilled to reunite with Susannah.

The pair shared a warm hug, and regular host Piers said, “With Bill Turnbull here, things are going to get a little tense around the desk.

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This completely ignored Bill and Susannah continuing to greet each other.

Piers attempted a final ditch for attention after the former co-hosts touched each other’s hands, joking, “I think it’s harassment.”

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