Bethenny Frankel compares Meghan Markle to former ‘Real Housewives’

Bethenny Frankel: Meghan Markle seems like a housewife still talking about the show

Bethenny Frankel and Meghan Markle. Omar Vega/JanuaryImages/Shutterstock; Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Moreover. Bethenny Frankel criticized Meghan Markle‘s recent comments about the royal family theorize that the public has no sympathy for her because of the drama surrounding her move to California in 2020.

“She’s very housewife-like in that she can’t stop talking about things she’d like to be irrelevant to.” real housewives of new york The 51-year-old star said on the Thursday, Sept. 1 episode of the Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast: “[It’s like] I want to break up with my housewife… “It was toxic, I don’t want to be part of the drama,” or whatever the housewives say. [But] And then … for the next five years, I was constantly talking about the very thing I was trying to get out of. ”

Addressing the 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex, she continued: You learned something, you said it, we heard you. … When [still] In every interview you do, you’re talking about the royal family. Move forward. Bring change to the future. ”

Frankel’s comments will come soon The Cut She published an interview with Markle in which she denounced royal life and its rigid rules and protocols. There’s a structure that’s called,’ she told the outlet last month, a limitation she struggled with. “Why would I give a picture of my child to the very people who call me the N-word before sharing it with the people who love them? How does that make sense?” If you tell me what it is, I’ll play that game.”

of bench the author is her prince harry Married in May 2018, she initially didn’t want to leave the royal family but wanted to keep her job without spending taxpayer money. They also asked to leave the UK and relocate to another country within the Commonwealth of Nations.

Markle continued: I will gladly It’s not something we’re allowed to do for whatever reason, even though some other family members are doing the same thing. ”

The 37-year-old Duke and Duchess have opened up about their strained relationship with ‘The Firm’ after announcing they had decided to step down as senior members of the royal family in January 2022. In a tell-all interview with CBS News in March 2019, Harry’s unnamed relatives claimed to have asked about their son’s skin tone before he was born in May 2019. )

A former military pilot confirmed his wife’s testimony and said at the time: It was awkward. I was a little shocked. ”

A few days after the interview, prince william In response to the accusations, he responded, “We are not a racist family.”

Frankel added that he doesn’t doubt Markle’s claims of racism within the royal family. No,” she said on the podcast.

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