Best multi-purpose gadgets at IFA 2022: LG, Lenovo and more

smartphones have been around for a long time It offers nearly limitless functionality at your fingertips. Today, more and more product manufacturers are deciding that one thing is not enough. At IFA 2022, Europe’s big tech showcase in Berlin, brands big and small unveiled dozens of dual-purpose products. Some certainly make a lot more sense than others.

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LG Precare Aero Tower

Photo: LG

Get used to seeing LG on this list. The Life’s Good team really embraces the idea that two features he’s better than one. You may have seen refrigerators built into outdoor tables, but AeroTower takes a slightly different direction. The company hit the tabletop on the tip of the air purifier. But why? It offers 360-degree air purification and comes in bold colors with names like Crème Rose, Crème Yellow, and Crème Grey, as part of LG’s Puricare Objet Collection Aero furniture series (snappy!). You can control everything with the LG ThinQ app, and there’s also wireless charging and mood lighting. However, there is no pricing or release date for this hybrid kit yet.

Goui Loch

Photo: Goi

This dual-purpose wonder comes from a little-known accessory brand, Goui. If you always have a reusable bottle for hydration, the 420ml Loch bottle will allow you to refill your phone (and your water intake) all the way. Yes, it is. This bottle is both a bottle and a wireless charger. Simply remove the 6,000 mAh battery pack from the bottom to create a pedestal for wirelessly charging your phone at 5 watts. Goui Loch ($35) is available now and comes in a variety of colors. This seems like a very clever and simple idea, but I’m wondering why people like Chillys and Frank Green didn’t put this battery idea to work. It’s a little heavier than a regular bottle, but I think it’s probably worth it.

XGIMI magic lamp

Photo: XGIMI

If you know the XGIMI brand, you can guess why this lamp works like magic. Also a projector. Brightening up this room is a projector that provides a 100-inch display with speakers to boot. This isn’t really a new offering from XGIMI, it released the previous generation in Japan in 2018, but it’s making its way into China this year, with US and European launches coming soon. A double device isn’t cheap. The price in China is around $1,170 (approximately £999 / A$1,691).

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Photo: ThinkPad

Earlier this week, Asus fully revealed the company’s first foldable screen laptop, the ZenBook 17 Fold OLED, and proudly declared it to be the world’s only 17-inch foldable PC (WIRED’s Asus prototype exclusive See article). But in 2020, Lenovo was actually the first to roll out a foldable PC of any kind, returning to the game with his new 16.3-inch 2nd Gen model just one day after Asus’ big announcement.

These devices offer a small laptop experience on the one hand and a larger PC screen experience on the other. Both companies advocate several “modes”, but that’s the gist of it. I have tried both and the technology is very exciting. Lenovo, in particular, offers a stylish and portable experience, and I’m looking forward to a full review. Asus’ full package is priced at $3,499 and is coming in Q4. The Lenovo X1 Fold starts at $2,499, with a new keyboard and stylus for another $250. It will be released in November of this year.

Swiss Rig Bresson MK 093

Photo: Swissrig

The Bresson MK 093 accessory aims to be a ‘Swiss Army knife for creators’. Its two key features are audio capabilities and thumbstick controls for video shooting. The former includes things like short condenser mics, high-end cables, and studio-grade headphone jacks. The latter allows precise control of zoom within a dedicated app using a 5-axis thumbstick. The bright red block also houses a battery pack, and importantly, it securely attaches to your MagSafe-enabled iPhone. No price or release date, but you can join the waiting list.

LG Mood Up Refrigerator

Photo: LG

For more dual-function home fodder, let’s go back to LG. This is a large block of refrigerators and mood lighting. Along with all the high-tech features you get with the LG cooler, there are some pretty cool additions, from knocking on the door to take a peek inside, to notifying you when the door is open for too long. Would it be stylish or cheesy to have a refrigerator that can turn your kitchen into a party kitchen? But there are a lot of interesting customizations going on here. There are 22 colors for the top LED panel and 19 colors for the bottom. If you prefer freedom of choice, you can choose color themes for seasons, locations, moods and pops.Then there’s the built-in Bluetooth speaker to keep things going, and yes, it vibrates to the music. teeth Coming—vibes and all.

Enerbot Air

Photo: Enerbot

The super cute Enerbot Air watches over your home and plays with your pet. On the plus side, it wasn’t created by a huge data-hungry tech company either. You can walk around. It’s also a “guard,” as Enabot puts it, but a ball that’s less than 4 inches tall. It has two-way communication, automatic charging like a robot vacuum, motion detection, and multi-user login. As for pet sitters, Roaming Ball uses a laser pointer to make your pet bounce around. You can even schedule play sessions for your pet while you’re on the go. decent.


Photo: LG

No, not the 2013 LG G Flex. This new TV gaming monitor hybrid can dynamically switch between curved and flat panels. It’s a TV, but LG is also showing for gaming with G-Sync and Freesync capabilities and a 4K 120 Hz screen, so that’s totally fine. It can also be better suited for games that require quick twitch reactions like this, and is more optimized when everything is in front of you. To clarify, the screen physically changes to this size It is not. we are not there yet. Rather, this 42-inch panel displays a 27-inch window. Switching between curve and flat is done quickly with a remote that allows varying degrees of curve adjustment between the two settings. LG markets it as a TV for everything: games, sports, movies. No release date or price has been announced yet, but LG has emphasized that the display technology is similar to the regular LG C2 TV ($1,250).


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