Behind-the-scenes news and rumors about Maracay Black’s AEW status

There have been many rumors about AEW star Malachi Black.

Rumors that Black wanted to release AEW were only for the company to deny the request, but according to a new report from Fightful Select, AEW representatives have said they are completely false. and denied the rumors.

However, rumors have been circulating within the AEW roster that Black was unhappy, though the reason for his unhappiness has not been confirmed. He also said he believes things have smoothed out to some extent.

Regarding rumors seeking Black’s release, which AEW denied, it’s interesting to note that sources outside of AEW also indicate that he asked for his release, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Black is currently signed to a five-year AEW contract with four more years left. As pointed out in this link, Black revealed he was dealing with a serious back injury in early August, and he was convinced he would have to retire at some point. did.

AEW has announced that Wednesday’s All Out Go Home edition of Dynamite will see Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews take on Sting, Milo and Darby Allin on Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Black was released from WWE on June 2, 2021 along with other budget cuts. Black made his AEW debut on July 7, 2021 on his Rage version of his AEW Road of His Dynamite, beginning a feud with Cody his Rose. Black’s in-ring debut was a victory over Rhodes on the August 4, 2021 Homecoming edition of Dynamite. Black formed House of Black with King after debuting on his January 12th of this year, with Matthews joining on his February 23rd Dynamite. Julia Hart joined her in late May with Double Or Nothing. Black has also made several indie appearances since leaving WWE, and is currently King’s PWG World Tag Team Champion.

Black has appeared in 23 games for AEW since joining, including 19 wins and just 10 singles games. His only singles loss was against Rhodes. Black’s last singles match was Penta’s victory over Oscro on June 22 at Dynamite, and his last singles match before that was Bryan’s Pillman at Dynamite on January 5. It was a victory over his juniors.

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