Before the brawl, Tony Dorsett lends a hand in Pitt’s recruitment drive

Pitt’s sidelines at Acrider Stadium were filled with recruits and recruiters ahead of Thursday night’s West Virginia-Pitt game. One man, an unofficial pit recruiter, stood out in the crowd.

Pitt’s lone Heisman Trophy winner, Tony Dorsett, had a lively conversation with Austintown Fitch (Ohio) High School’s defensive end Brian Robinson, a four-star junior prospect.

Dorsett, one of several former Pitt players who attended the West Virginia vs. Pitt game, told Robinson, “You come here, your family can come see you play.” I will,” he said.

Was Robinson in awe standing in front of the Heisman Trophy and Super Bowl winner and national champion?

“Yes, just a little bit,” said Dorsett. “He was putting himself together.”

The backyard brawl has many memories for Dorset, who won 3-1 over the Mountaineers during Pitt’s days.

what does he remember

“Fight,” he said.

“We were guaranteed to see at least four or five games in the stands.

He said West Virginia fans brought the spirit of their brand to the game when Pitt visited Morgantown.

“They were good Mountaineers fans,” said Dorsett. “They talked, they shouted, they cursed our coaches. They did everything to aggressively disrupt our rhythm.”

on the national stage

Pitt stepped onto ESPN’s stage Thursday night and didn’t aggressively seek national recognition, but wins over West Virginia and Tennessee next week will put the No. 17 Panthers on top. He was aware that he could rise to the top 10 rankings.

Rece Davis, a member of ESPN’s “GameDay” crew responsible for the pre-match analysis, understands that Respect can be a difficult prize to win.

“I don’t think they deserve it and get enough credit for what they got,” Davis told reporters before the game. “And one of the ways they can fix it is to build a championship season by pursuing another season.”

Davis said Pitt doesn’t have to repeat as ACC champion to gain respect, but an early season win wouldn’t hurt. Avoid what I’ve dubbed “the face plant with its inexplicable upsetting.”

“If they win this (WVU) game, there’s a big stage, big rivalry, a big crowd and maybe they’ll be in the ACC Championship Game again, or they’ll definitely be at the forefront and playing a solid round of football. Then the program will know to move on to the next step.”

He said the progress made under coach Pat Narduzzi over the past year has given Pitt “more credit than many fans outside of Pittsburgh and those outside of the ACC’s immediate footprint. ‘ said.

CFP Panthers?

ESPN’s Desmond Howard, 1991 Heisman Trophy winner and now one of college football’s best-known analysts, said Pitt was in the four-team college football playoffs before Thursday’s game. I predicted that I had what it takes to get there.

“I always admired Narduzzi’s program because I thought his kids were breathing like a tough mentality,” he said before the game. “They’re physical (and) kind of like a little old school on the line of scrimmage in the trenches, so I always respected that.

“They should also be like a monster defensive front and give the team problems.

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