Auburn handles Mercer in weather-delayed season opener

Auburn, Alabama — Football is back at Jordan Hare Stadium, just like it was in the first five weeks of the season. We’ll take on Mercer under the lights on Saturday night (6pm CST, ESPN+).

Brian Hershin’s second Auburn team will debut new starting quarterback, TJ Finley, against the Mercer team, which has already won a game since Week 0. Over Morehead he wins 63-13.

For an update on the overall game scoring, along with injuries and other developments from the Tigers’ season opener, see here.

4th quarter

0:25 4Q: Mercer wins on a 65-yard touchdown drive and Peyton hits another scoring toss to Auburn’s reserves. Missed PAT touchdown (Auburn 42, Mercer 16).

3:59 4Q: Harsin picks it up with 4 and 9 and Ashford scrambles in front of the line.

5:54 4Q: Ashford throws a dart at John Samuel Schenker for a big pickup in midfield.

7:13 4Q: Ashford is still at quarterback. Auburn will run out of time.

7:49 4Q: Mercer scores 33 yards. field goal (Auburn 42, Mercer 10).

9:34 4Q: Fred Payton completes a long ball on the sideline, converts a third down, and puts Mercer inside the 10-yard line.

13:30 4Q: Auburn stops in 3rd and 9th. The ball passed over Mercer’s punter’s head, but somehow he was able to pick it up and kick it away just in front of his own goal line. However, hitting the kicker is the call, so the Bears get the first down.

third quarter

1:21 3Q: Bigsby scores from 39 yards out on the first play after the delay. touchdown (Auburn 42, Mercer 7).

1:33 3Q: The players are back on the field to warm up. Games are scheduled to start at approximately 9:55 PM CST.

1:33 3Q: There was a lightning-fast delay of at least 30 minutes.

2:17 3Q: After Auburn’s fourth three-and-out, Mercer punts again.

4:47 3Q: Hunter scores again, tying last year’s touchdown total. touchdown (Auburn 35, Mercer 7).

5:37 3Q: Ashford hits a stunning 56-yard completion with Javalias Johnson into the red zone.

6:34 3Q: Ashford joins in on this drive, converting a third-down completion to Tar’Varish Dawson.

8:59 3Q: TJ Finley fired again.

9:55 3Q: Auburn crosses midfield after Bigsby scores first.

12:50 3Q: Mercer picks up the first one down, but punts again after third and fifth stops by the Tigers.

Second quarter

0:20 2Q: Payton short toss Harper touchdown (Auburn 28, Mercer 7).

0:37 2Q: Auburn calls timeout for 4 and 1 from Auburn’s 6-yard line. Update: Call overturned on first down.

1:12 2Q: Peyton strikes at third and 10 for first down.

1:29 2Q: Finley picked just outside his red zone. Mercer has the best field position of the game.

2:44 2Q: Long and impressive run for Tank Bigsby, but he’s back after the hold of Austin Troxel.

3:28 2Q: Mercer QB Fred Payton drops the snap at third and short and the Bears punt again.

5:04 2Q: Tank Bigsby short carry touchdown (Auburn 28, Mercer 0).

7:31 2Q: Finley yields to Ashford in the backfield, and Ashford pitches to Bigsby for a big profit.

9:26 2Q: Another Mercer punt is coming. Kaionte Scott returns a punt just behind midfield.

10:17 2Q: Jarquez Hunter touchdown (Auburn 21, Mercer 0).

11:09 2Q: Ashford runs down to the 3-yard line.

12:39 2Q: Mercer punts from his own 18 after a failed snap on second down. Auburn starts at 41 in his own half.

first quarter

0:00 1Q: Auburn punts from across the midfield as the second quarter begins.

2:44 1Q: Quick three and out from Mercer. After a fair catch, Auburn reaches the 47-yard line.

3:43 1Q: Quick pass from Finley to John Samuel Schenker. touchdown (Auburn 14, Mercer 0).

4:22 1Q: A 40-yard smash from Finley to Ja’Varrius Johnson.

5:30 1Q: Robbie Ashford rushes 49 yards from his own 7-yard line.

6:20 1Q: Mercer picks up the first down, then punts and suffers a holding call on the second down.

9:32 1Q: Járquez Hunter breaks several tackles from 19 yards out, touchdown (Auburn 7, Mercer 0).

11:34 1Q: Finley’s first completion is 17 yards to Jabarius Johnson.

13:28 1Q: Robbie Ashford checks in on the fourth play of the game, runs 8 yards and then comes back.

15:00 1Q: Mercer wins the toss and is postponed. Auburn starts with a ball.


• Kam Stutts will start at right guard for veteran Keiondre Jones. This two of him was listed as co-starters on the depth chart earlier this week.

AThe only unclothed uburn scholar is DT Zykeivous Walker (Knee).

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