As college football progresses, the Gators overtake the Utos(?)


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Many of us have always taken aim at the NCAA and its system, where the industry relies on the talent of college athletes to earn billions of dollars. The same system that allowed recruits to leave in the rain.

Coaches could leave for bigger deals, but athletes’ freedom was limited. See, the good old days.

The consensus among smart people is to let players earn money and give them the freedom to move around.

Abstractly, a good and proper idea. Of course, the devil is always in the details and this is one hell of a mess he is.

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Transfer portals have emerged, giving athletes a choice. In theory, it’s for good reason. For example, coaching his staff attracts a recruiting class, signs a recruiting class, six weeks or he six months later, many assistants follow the head his coach to a new job. Athletes who were left behind had limited mobility.

Then came the era of name-image-likeness through the courts, and the NCAA knew it couldn’t win that battle. The new fusion of NIL and portals has quickly upended the norm. It’s the Wild West where the guardrails aren’t in place yet, and every five-star recruit thinks he’s Butch Cassidy.

And why? College football players today have more freedom than NFL players. And no salary cap!

With thousands of people gathered here and millions of dollars of combined money flowing through the NIL pipeline, the largest conference commissioner purred and delivered a “Hold a beer” moment.

“Millions? That’s cute. Watch us invent super conferences and start putting in billions of dollars in TV cash.”

When USC kicks off the season with Rice on Saturday, the Trojans will show off a dramatically overhauled starting lineup through the transfer portal. In one big sweep of the portal he did, USC went from being mediocre (at best) to being a legit meeting favorite without ever playing a game or lowering its hiring budget.

And the school’s conference, Pac-“12,” will soon take over USC and UCLA to the Big “Ten,” willingly taking over LA’s TV market and using its influence for a new network mega deal. This could coincide with the newly supersized SEC doing the same.

All too quickly, college football is becoming unrecognizable to us. At least not from overhead.

Thankfully, from the bleachers, living room, and bar stools, they look the same and, best of all, they sound the same. Crank up the fight song and we’ll be right back.

But when the percussion section hits a transfer portal, you need to think again.

Good job everyone for the first week.


you know the drill

Ever since Grantland Rice first wore the Big Boy Pants, sportswriters have filled every inch with football picks.

In the fall anyway. It’s hard to do in the summer, or at least it used to be. Then the season lengthens in the middle, with early games being pulled back to Labor Day weekend and, eventually, his final week of August when summer is still raging in many areas. I was.

Why tell this seasonal story? Is this a sports page or Better Homes & Gardens?

We’re talking about the seasons in general, but we’re talking about the weather in particular, because this week we heard Florida Gator fans suggesting their youngsters. . . Oops, I mean Utes. Gainesville will suffer from her early September temperatures.

He was right, but for the wrong reasons. When the Utes step off the plane, it feels more like stepping into Wawa’s Beer Cave than Salt Lake City. Gainesville’s predicted temperature of 90 degrees is 10 degrees cooler than where Mercury in Salt Lake has been parked for him this past week.

Of course, it’s that damn hygrometer that gets them. You’ve heard of a hygrometer, a gadget used to measure humidity. Humidity has been in the 20-25% range for the past few days in Salt Lake.

In Gainesville this weekend, the hygrometer says the temperature is . . . let me find out. . . where is it . . . that’s somewhere between 70% and “Coach, I’m melting!” — the Gators, who outscored Uté by eight in a minor upset.

other place: Ohio is comfortable above Notre Dame (sorry). Georgia is just 6 behind Oregon. Sincey beats Arkansas. Indiana over Illinois. UCLA on Bowling Green. BYU is bigger than he is USF. Mississippi defeated Memphis by 12 points. LSU wins his FSU (Sunday). Clemson made a big impact at Georgia Tech (Monday). At the ultra-trendy Toppa Field in Newport, Rhode Island, Bobby his Riggs lob shot shot out of the Tennis Hall of Fame. The Salve Regina Seahawks beat the visiting Cadets of Norwich by 14.

by the way: Anything (other) to file in the thinning “Things I Don’t Know” drawer. . . Norwich, also known as the Military College of Vermont, is the oldest private and senior military college in the country. I love the school motto: I’ll try.

Abe Lincoln’s Civil War naval commander, Gideon Wells, was from Norwich.

Meanwhile, fans visiting Norwich can take a short drive (everything is ’15 minutes from here’ in Rhode Island) to Charlestown’s annual Rhythm and Roots Festival after Saturday’s match doesn’t go well. . I carry an accordion and a washboard, but I know how to operate them!

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