Apple Settles Lawsuit Over App Store Copycat App: What It Is

apple Resolved app developer lawsuit app store Denial, Fraud, Fraud. The plaintiff’s former Pinterest engineer said, Costa Eleftheriou recently identified “some of the worst App Store scams,” reports TechCrunch. Eleftheriou accused the Cupertino-based tech giant of “unfairly rejecting” his original app from the App Store. This later made him a target for scammers and ultimately led to a loss of revenue for his company Kpaw.
What was the allegation against Apple
Eleftheriou accused Apple of rejecting his original flick type Apple Watch keyboard app from the App Store.On the contrary, the tech giant has endorsed other competitors keyboard app The suit claims that it uses an integrated version of the FlickType keyboard and publishes it to the App Store.

Additionally, Apple also seemed to contradict claims that the FlickType keyboard provided a “poor user experience,” although the company’s app review team argued that “if you integrate the same technology into other apps, ‘ was allowed. Nano For Reddit, Chirp for Twitter, WatchChat for WhatsApp, lens for instagram‘ added the lawsuit.
The lawsuit alleges that when his keyboard app was finally approved for the App Store, its early success targeted the scammers to launch a less-usable rival app “boosted by fake ratings and reviews.” said. This caused FlickType’s revenue to plummet from his $130,000 in his first month to just $20,000, and consumers began choosing “higher rated” options, the developer said.
According to the report, some developers are disappointed as well as having to pay Apple commissions on sales (something epic games sued), but also how the App Store model allows fraudsters to profit from the original work of legitimate developers.

The report points out that Eleftheriou isn’t just an app developer, he’s also reported several major app store scams. It’s a kid’s game that includes a hidden online casino and his VPN app that scammed him out of $5 million a year.
How Apple is trying to stop App Store fraud
In 2021, Apple reintroduced the “Report a Problem” button to the App Store. This allows users to help companies fight cheating apps. Additionally, Apple updated its App Store guidelines last year. This aims to end scams and scams by getting the scammer out of his Apple Developer Program directly.


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