Annuar warns students not to misuse or resell Perantisiswa tablets

Communications and Multimedia Minister Annuar Musa has urged Malaysian PerantiSiswa Keluarga tablet recipients not to abuse or resell the devices.

He said students who receive free gadgets should be responsible and take care of them.

“These gadgets are provided for a one-time use, but we strongly expect all recipients to manage them properly,” he said, attending the launch of PerantiSiswa Keluarga Malaysia at UiTM Shah Alam. At a press conference afterward, he said. By Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Ya’aqob today.

The Chancellor had announced at launch that recipients would not have to return the device upon graduation. The government has previously said the initiative will be loan-based, and students will be required to return the devices once they have completed their studies.

Annuar also says all devices come with a two-year warranty, and students can repair or replace their devices if they get damaged during that period.

He said his ministry has a complete database of device recipients to prevent those who received them from filing a second application.

“If you get your device on Form 6 and go to a university that is included in this program, you do not have to apply again.” so that you can get

Annuar said if the online application fails, it will ask the Student Representative Council to verify the income level of the applicant’s family before approval.

He added that while quotas have been provided, the distribution of the devices will be phased to meet the government’s demand for 400,000 units this year.

He said Form Six and incoming students can benefit from the program as the government has successfully implemented some cost-cutting measures through an open bidding system.

At its launch, Higher Education Minister Noraini Ahmad expressed hope that the program would be expanded to benefit all 1.6 million students in over 600 higher education institutions across the country.

She said it will detail device and internet access requirements in the long term as a focus area of ​​the National Higher Education Digitalization Plan. – Bernama, 3 September 2022.


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