American Airlines is quietly doing something that might scare customers

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At some point in the year, it was easy and almost natural to ask myself the dreaded question.

No, it’s not “Can this world survive for another year?” “Will we all get along?”

Instead, it was, “What the heck is going on inside the airline?”

There are just too many stories of customer desperation coming out that no one can ever believe that airline management fully knows what they are doing. Or even partially.

But two separate elements merged in my mind, and the question faded again in my gut.

First was this. point guy conducted a small experiment in which three writers boarded three different airlines. in business class.

Liam Spencer aboard American Airlines said:

Can you imagine what it would be like if they weren’t friendly in business class? Still, the second factor that slipped into my soul might provide some sort of counterbalance.

Over the past year or two, I have felt a great deal of sympathy for flight attendants. Passenger behavior sinks deep into the baseball bleachers. Flight scheduling is such a painfully humorous issue that trade unions make movies to mock it. There are many stories about flight attendants having to sleep inside airports.

So how can you read that American Airlines seems to be laying off far more flight attendants than in a normal year?

Here it is row your own canoe It echoes the words of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, a union of flight attendants, who says that they have never seen so many flight attendants facing dismissal.

American Airlines seems to be strict in enforcing the rules to maintain some kind of discipline.

Something similar may have been discussed with United Airlines. United Airlines was very concerned that the flight attendants had crooked ties and were wearing non-standard pants. This has led the flight attendants union to provide airlines with some rigorous truths about finer elements such as the supply chain and the fact that airlines continue to slip more bananas. .

In the case of American Airlines, as with all airlines, it is pathological for an airline to lay off staff when one of the reasons for the cancellation is a shortage of staff. It may seem strange enough.

It may seem very strange for an airline to lay off more customer-facing staff at a time when customers want to face all kinds of service.

That said, we may have hired too early, without paying enough attention to the people Americans hire. After all, airlines laid off many experienced flight attendants and, again, like other airlines, suddenly hired inexperienced staff.

It’s also possible that passengers are increasingly complaining about certain aspects of American Airlines’ service, and this is the airline’s response and one that pleases those passengers.

Again, American Airlines may be cognizant of the impending recession and preparing for it.

Naturally, I asked American Airlines and the Flight Attendants Union for their input. Update. You have to choose whether to fight back or not.

The most sober of eyes might realize that when it comes to firing the lowest paid person in a company, there might be something wrong with their training capabilities as well as their hiring practices.

I wouldn’t dream of suggesting it.

A reminder to those who may have forgotten that American’s tagline is “Caring for people along life’s journey.”

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