Amazon Sale: Big Discounts On Air Purifiers From Dyson, LG, Philips And More

Air purifiers help your lungs breathe the clean air they need and are helpful for children and people with lung disease. An air purifier is a must-have if you want to get rid of pollution, impurities, and airborne infections this festive season. Today is his second day of the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. Here we have listed some of the top brands of air purifiers such as Samsung, LG, and Dyson, and you can get them at favorable prices.

Samsung 34 Watt Air Purifier Available At Rs 11999 With 50 Discount Original Price Rs 24000


Samsung 34-Watt Air Purifier: 50% discount at Rs 11,999 (original price Rs 24,000)

The blue Samsung air purifier is suitable for rooms around 400 square feet. This water purifier has touch controls and promises a one-year warranty. Samsung’s air purifier supports 3 stages of filtration and has 4 air quality indicators.

Dyson Purifier Cool Air Available At Rs 33900 With 40 Discount Original Price Rs 56900


Dyson Purifier Cool Air: 40% discount at Rs 33,900 (original price Rs 56,900)

This smart air purifier works with the Dyson Link app and is compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Cool Air offers multi-layer filtration, 10 airspeed settings and displays his AQI graph for 24 hours.

LG PuriCare Available At Rs 52490 At Rs 98080 Original Price Of 46 Yuan


LG PuriCare: Available at 46% for Rs 52,490 (original price Rs 98,080)

LG PuriCare is a smart air purifier that detects and cleans microscopic particles. PuriCare also has a “baby care” mode and works with the LG ThinQ app. This water purifier weighs 19kg and is suitable for a space of 1000 square feet.

TruSens Z-3000 Available At Rs 18774 Discount Original Price Rs 48229 At 61


TruSens Z-3000: 61% discount at Rs 18,774 (original price Rs 48,229)

The TruSens Z-3000 is equipped with a DuPont activated carbon filter that claims to provide 360 ​​degrees of filtration. This air purifier displays air quality readings and is suitable for rooms of approximately 750 square feet. The US-based company says the filter should be replaced after 3-4 months and will notify users.

Coway Professional Available At Rs 11990 At Rs 66 Discount Original Price Rs 34900


Coway Professional: 66% discount at Rs 11,990 (original price Rs 34,900)

The Coway Professional Air Purifier features a 30mm HEPA filter that lasts for one year. The purifier has a real-time air purifier indicator, and the company offers a seven-year warranty on the motor.Coway air purifiers are suitable for rooms of about 350 square feet.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700 Available At Rs 8567 With 46 Discount Original Price Rs 15990


Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700: 46% discount at Rs 8,567 (original price Rs 15,990)

This air purifier offers 6 stages of filtration and is equipped with an H1N1 filter. The Aeroguard AP 700 has touch controls and an air quality indicator, and Eureka Forbes promises his five-year warranty on motors suitable for rooms under 600 square feet.

Sharp air purifier available at Rs 10490 at original price Rs 16500 with 36 discount


Sharp Air Purifier: 36% discount at Rs 10,490 (original price was Rs 16,500)

Amazon is offering select customers of this air purifier an additional 6% discount coupon suitable for areas of approximately 300 square feet. This water purifier has 3 different modes and LED indicators.

AmazonBasics Air Purifier Available At Rs 6999 With 39 Discount Original Price Rs 11500


AmazonBasics Air Purifier: 39% Discount at Rs 6,999 (original price was Rs 11,500)

Amazon’s air purifier comes with a HEPA filter and a 5-layer filter with an air quality indicator. This air purifier has two modes of operation and can operate at three fan speeds. The AmazonBasics air purifier works at 35dB (decibel) and has a timer that can be set for 8 hours.

Philips AC288720 Available At Rs 14999 With 36 Discount Original Price Rs 23559


Philips AC2887/20: 36% discount at Rs 14,999 (original price Rs 23,559)

The Philips air purifier offers a two-year warranty and claims to purify a standard room in 10 minutes. The purifier is suitable for rooms of about 400 square feet and claims to remove the H1N1 virus and harmful gases.

Honeywell Light Indoor Available At Rs 6490 68 Original Price Rs 19990


Honeywell Lite Indoor: Available at 68% for Rs 6,490 (original price Rs 19,990)

This 48W indoor air purifier is suitable for rooms of about 250 square feet. The Honeywell Lite Indoor offers approximately 90 days of filter life and a one-year warranty. There are 3 different fan speed modes and users can easily change the filters by themselves.

Voltas VAP36TWV 56 Discounted Original Price Rs 15990 At Rs 7099 Available


Voltas VAP36TWV: 56% discount at Rs 7,099 (original price was Rs 15,990)

The Voltas air purifier offers five stages of filtration suitable for rooms of approximately 300 square feet.This water purifier features a three stage speed control, filter change indicator and dust sensor. It also features a multi-color LED to indicate air quality.

Special Note Electrolux Well A7 27 Original Price Rs 54500 Available At Rs 39990


Special Note: Electrolux Well A7: Available at 27% for Rs 39,990 (original price Rs 54,500)

This wall-mounted smart air purifier supports 5 levels of filtration and features touch screen controls. Well A7 is suitable for rooms of approximately 400 square feet. It claims to operate at a low noise level of 24dB and also features an air quality indicator.

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