Amazon loses first round in challenge to union vote

After hearing Amazon’s dissent, officials from the National Labor Relations Board recommended supporting the vote.

In a closely monitored April election, warehouse workers at the Staten Island facility, known as JFK8, voted to form the first U.S. union in Amazon’s 27-year history. The union won the vote by a margin of 523 votes out of about 5,000 votes cast.

Amazon (AMZN) Disputed the vote almost immediately and filed a formal complaint with the NLRB with 25 dissent. This included claims that the NLRB and Amazon unions would work together to give union supporters an edge. Amazon also said that the NLRB’s failure to properly staff the ballot during the election “created chaos and hours-long voting lines on the first election day that discouraged other employees from voting.” I claimed.

Amazon’s challenge was dismissed in its entirety on Thursday’s recommendation from the NLRB Hearing Officer. Amazon will appeal the findings of the investigation.

Hearing officers working in a different NLRB office than Amazon accused Amazon found that the NLRB, unions, or third parties “engaged in offensive conduct that affected election results.” I discovered that there is no

“We are still reviewing the decision, but strongly disagree with the conclusion,” said Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel. As such, both the NLRB and ALU are inadequately influencing election results, and I doubt it represents what the majority of our teams want.

Amazon also argued that the NLRB should have investigated accusations of “exploited” and “frivolous” unfair labor practices made by unions more quickly. The company also alleged that union supporters threatened employees and “threate violence against detractors.”

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“We believe the actions of the NLRB and ALU inappropriately suppressed and influenced the vote, and we believe elections need to be held again to ensure fair and broadly representative votes.” Kelly said when the objection was filed. It’s been a week since the April poll.

Since the JFK8 ballot, the union has lost a second ballot at a nearby facility and has applied for another ballot at an Amazon fulfillment center in Albany, New York.

— CNN’s Sarah Ashley O’Brien contributed to this report.


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