Amazon Loses Effort to Overturn Union Victory at Staten Island Facility

Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer at the temporary headquarters of the Amazon Workers Union in Staten Island, New York, June 15, 2022.

Katie Skuroff

A historic labor union victory at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse should be upheld, an official with the National Labor Relations Commission recommended Thursday.

In April, more than 2,600 workers at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse, known as JFK8, voted to join the Amazon union, in favor of forming a union at one of the e-commerce giant’s U.S. facilities. Became the first group to cast a vote.

Amazon tried to overturn the election results in May. The federal agency’s Brooklyn office filed a complaint with the NLRB, alleging it violated labor laws and appeared to support the union movement. Amazon, whose filing contained 25 dissenting opinions, alleged that union organizers threatened workers to vote in favor.

Amazon’s challenge kicked off a 24-day public hearing held via Zoom, in which lawyers for the company, the NLRB’s Region 29 office, and the ALU analyzed their conduct during the election. JFK8 workers and union organizers, including ALU co-founder and interim president Chris Smalls, were among more than a dozen witnesses called to testify.

NLRB attorney Lisa Dunn, who presides over the hearing, said in Thursday’s filing that Amazon would set up an agency, union or other party “engaged in offensive conduct to influence the outcome of the election.” “We didn’t live up to that responsibility,” he concluded to the NLRB. spokesperson Kayla Brad said. Dunn also recommended that the ALU be certified as a negotiating representative, she said Blado.

Amazon has until September 16 to appeal Dunn’s recommendation, after which it will be heard by the NLRB Regional Director. The Regional Director will decide whether to order new union elections or certify the results of the April elections. At that point, Amazon should start contract negotiations with her ALU.

In a statement, the union said it was satisfied with the hearing officer’s recommendations.

“We hope the Regional Director of Region 28 will expedite our certification so that the NLRB will enforce Amazon’s legal obligation to negotiate with ALU workers,” the union said in a release. Post to Twitter.

Representatives for Amazon and NLRB have not yet responded to requests for comment.

ALU, a grassroots organization of current and former Amazon employees, is looking to expand its reach beyond JFK8. , gaining momentum elsewhere.

Workers at an Amazon warehouse near Albany seek representation by the ALU. The NLRB has not yet set a date for its election. Amazon’s warehouse in Kentucky has also expressed interest in organizing under the ALU.

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