All major additions to the Battlefield 2042 Season 2 Battle Pass

The gaming industry is no stranger to widespread controversy. While most of the industry’s most notorious points of contention over the last year revolved around workplace harassment and gender inequality, there are still some bizarre examples of controversy surrounding real-life video games. battlefield 2042 is a typical example.

Released late last year, battlefield 2042 It was panned across the board by both critics and fans. The mechanics themselves were pretty solid, but the game’s unnecessarily large maps, live service lackluster approach to his model, and severe lack of content disappointed many, leaving a very high level of caused controversy. battlefield 2042reputation has been irrevocably damaged. But that doesn’t stop him EA. just a few days ago battlefield 2042 We’ve received a big Season 2 update, adding tons of new content to the game, including the Battle Pass.

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All major additions to the Battlefield 2042 Season 2 Battle Pass

Released on August 30th battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms brings the new 100 Tier Battle Pass to the game. Like other live service titles, battlefield 2042Battle Pass has both free and premium options. In a surprisingly consumer-friendly move, battlefield 2042.

Maximum extra features battlefield 2042The Season 2 Battle Pass is a new Specialist. Named Charlie Crawford, this new specialist is a former MI6 operative turned black market arms dealer. But Charlie’s abilities aren’t as secretive as the organization he once belonged to. Charlie’s primary ability is his mounted Vulcan minigun his turret, with front and side shields protecting the user from oncoming fire. Although stationary, this turret can easily crush light vehicles and infantry. Charlie’s second ability, Cache his points, grants revived teammates extra gadget ammunition. Both Premium His players and Free players can unlock Charlie when they reach Tier 4 of Battle His Path.

Another major addition to this Battle Pass is the new EBLC-RAM vehicle. A four-seater jeep with a machine gun sticking out from the top and a machine gun sticking out from the front. user. Unlocks the new Concussion Grenade gadget at level 28. This helps the player to bewilder and confuse the enemy on the battlefield.

A total of 3 new weapons have been added battlefield 2042 Via the Season 2 Battle Pass. The first of these is his AM40 assault rifle, a weapon that unlocks at Tier 10 and is primarily designed for close combat. The PF51 SMG pistol unlocks at Tier 22 and is one of the lightest weapons in the entire game. Finally, at Tier 34, the Avancys LMG is unlocked. This may be the lightest weapon in its category, but the tradeoff is reduced damage.

Of course, as with all Battle Passes, there are also plenty of cosmetics to unlock. Those who stick with the free Battle Pass can unlock over 20 cosmetic rewards for him, from specialist skins to weapon charms. For those planning to upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass, over 90 cosmetic rewards await, including popular Legendary skins and Specialist Takedowns. Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass immediately grants the player his 20 Tier Battle Pass rewards.

battlefield 2042 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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