AJ McLean shows off fit body during health and sobriety journey

AJ McLean promises to be the best version of himself.

The Backstreet Boys singer, 44, shared several shirtless photos on Instagram on Thursday, detailing her dedication to “#HealthyLifestyle” in the post’s caption.

“I wanted to bring back some Thursday vibes,” McLean began. “The picture on the left was taken on vacation a year ago and it’s amazing what a little dedication and goal setting can do for a person.”

“But the journey isn’t over yet. This is just the beginning!” He went on to add the hashtags #HealthyLifestyle, #Sober, and #NoMoreDadBod.

“Let’s go! If I can do it, so can you!!” McLean concluded the post.

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Back in 2020, McLean told PEOPLE about his 20-year battle with drug and alcohol addiction and his efforts to stay sober. Position.

“My wife and I always had an agreement that if you smelled alcohol, you weren’t allowed to play with the kids and you couldn’t be with them,” McLean said. What really struck me was the moment that night when my youngest daughter Lyric told me, “You don’t smell like my daddy.” That was it.

McLean said she found her purpose after an eye-opening exchange with her young daughter.

“This is the clearest thing I’ve ever done,” McLean explained at the time. and my recovery saved my life. Without these three things, I wouldn’t be here.”

And while his dad may be gone, McLean is still in dad mode. His family motivated not only his drinking but also new opportunities in his career.

Frank Ockenfels/ABC

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Appearing at 90s Con in March, McLean spoke about her dream of performing on Broadway and what moving to New York City means for her family.

“It’s kind of number one on my bucket list, to do Broadway,” McLean said. I’m moving. [it will happen].”

He added that the potential move would allow his two daughters to attend “a really great dance school in New York.”

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