AGT Judges and Host Award 6-Year-Old Girl’s ‘Unrealistic’ Make-A-Wish

A 6-year-old girl who recently beat cancer had the experience of a lifetime. america’s got talent judges and hosts.

Through Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and Susquehanna Valley chapters, Rosalyn of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, AGTMore.

“Rosalyn wants to let everyone know that it’s been great to keep going. america’s got talentand everything was surreal,” her mom Emily EXCLUSIVELY told PEOPLE after the special event.

Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 3, Rosalyn spent years in daily hospital visits for spinal taps, IV chemotherapy, and daily home chemotherapy. But she recently went into remission after finishing her last treatment in March.

In Rosalyn’s Journey, Rosalyn’s Wish Was to Sing Avril Lavigne Songs AGTMoreLast month it finally happened — PEOPLE will take an exclusive look at the heartwarming moments.

america’s got talent

Before recording the live show, Rosalyn met with the judges and was given an autograph. AGTMore Judge Howie Mandel t-shirt, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell Barbie dolls.

“She was surprised to receive so many presents and was so excited to play with them!” Emily tells PEOPLE about the gift from her daughter.

When Mandel asked who his favorite judge was, Rosalyn pointed to Vergara and Vergara hugged her. “You have great taste, little girl,” Vergara joked.

Klum later gave Rosalyn a high five after asking if she was her second favorite judge. “I’m second!” Klum proudly cheers after Rosalyn confirms her ranking.

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At her audition, host Terry Crews introduced Rosalyn as “a star in her own world” and said, “We love her so much.”

Rosalyn approached the microphone and immediately instructed her to play some music. The judges waved her hands back and forth as she delivered a powerful rendition of Lavigne’s “Warrior.”

After her performance, the judges and crew rose to enthusiastic applause and feedback.

America has talent

“You’re the most amazing singer I’ve ever heard!” Mandel added that Rosalyn was “the best act of the night” and “would be a star.”

But it wasn’t just positive feedback that Rosalyn received. The young girl also received the coveted Golden Her Buzzer from Cowell herself.

“I’ll give you a golden buzzer because you have to touch gold at a time like this!” he said, before reaching for a small box and throwing gold confetti around Rosalyn.

“I’m going to make a prediction: the winner of AGTMore 2027 is Rosalyn,” he added.

Cowell later gifted Rosalyn with a box of gold confetti to take home with a pinky promise that she would return. AGTMoreHe asked her to help him judge when she was sitting on a panel during an audition for a live show.

“You have to help me. I’m not very good at this, especially when it’s live,” he told Rosalyn, owing her impressive performance to “a lot of practice.” said.

Before she left, Rosalyn posed for a photo with all four judges and the crew.

After having a good time, Rosalyn’s mom tells PEOPLE:

“She was nervous, but she loved singing in front of the judges,” she continues. “She was stunned when Howie told her she was the best singer in the world!”

Later that afternoon, Rosalyn and her mom sat in the audience and got the chance to watch a theatrical performance. AGTMore stage. “The best thing for Rosalyn was seeing all the performances,” says Emily. “Her favorite acts are Duo Her Ring, Freckled Zelda, Chapel Her Heart.”

With her daughter’s wish officially fulfilled, Emily stresses:

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