Adidas RPT-02 SOL Headphones Review

your realization headphone Especially having a 0% battery right before heading to the gym is a real pain. So, for example, if he connects to a cable for 10 minutes, he will get a few hours of life. Sounds good. Well, clearly not enough for Adidas. The sportswear brand is taking a different route with the new RPT-02 SOL, avoiding the magic of fast-charging in favor of something much more futuristic and exciting.

This solar-powered sports headphone always recharge yourself Any light, natural or artificial. The idea here is, essentially, that you’ll never be stuck with a dead battery and you’ll theoretically get unlimited playtime from these bad boys. I tried

The main selling point here is battery life. Impossible We’ll take them out over the next two weeks. Out of the box it had about a 50% charge, but it went up after just using it on a sunny day. Even when it’s cloudy, the juice drips from the slightest amount of sunlight absorbed by the clever Powerfoyle solar panel built into the headband. They claim to work in artificial light, and the companion app (more on that below) shows that they pick up some charge from our home lights, which we get in the daytime. Much less than the

I didn’t plug it into any cable at all during my two week test and left it on the balcony a few times to absorb excess light when not in use. I found it to be 70% full overall and was using it all the time, even though it was there.

adidas solar headphones review

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Downloading software to your phone is essential for most headphones in 2022, and it’s the case here. The left earcup has a multi-function button that can be set to summon your phone’s voice assistant. This illuminates a circular indicator (pictured above) that tells you how much light the headphones are receiving.To the right is a five-way control knob. You can control volume by up or down, skip forward or backward left and right to skip back and forth between tracks, and press the knob for on/off, play/pause, and pairing control. It’s loads of intuitive features, and unlike certain annoying touch interfaces, it works.

From the Adidas Headphones app (available for iOS and Android), you can view detailed charging data to see if your battery is growing or shrinking at any time. This data accumulates even when your headphones are off and you’re out in the sun, so you can check in and see your progress the next time you turn your headphones on. The functions are also programmable, allowing you to switch between several different preset settings within the basic built-in equalizer.

All in all, the light charging interface is easy to understand and I found that in bright sunlight the headphones started gaining more battery than they were spending playing. We don’t know for sure, but it promises a massive 80 hours of life in the dark, and can be recharged via USB-C whenever it’s somehow dried out.

adidas solar headphones review


how’s the sound? Honestly, no complaints. Keep in mind that these are on-ear, not over-ear, so they’re not as well sealed and don’t add flashy extras like active noise canceling that drains your battery faster. For headwear they do a great job, producing a fairly deep bass sound without being muddy or distorted. Also, when I caught up on a podcast on my morning commute, I found it works well for vocals too. It didn’t look weird when I listened to it or used it in the office.

They don’t have as precise adjustments as certain other headphones, but the fit is decent. Designed with workouts in mind, they didn’t slip during sessions where I lifted a few weights at the gym and used them on the rowing machine. I hopped on the treadmill at the end of the session and found I could slip off if I was running too fast. When a perfect fit is essential, runners will want to consider what’s right for them. earphone Use silicone wingtips instead.

adidas solar headphones review

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When you unwrap these, you’ll quickly realize they’ve been designed with a ‘sustainable’ approach in mind. According to Adidas, it’s made from 87% recycled plastic and nylon and doesn’t include any charging cables. If you pick these up, you’re probably going to be using the lighter charging method, and you certainly have a pile of spare USB-C cables from every other gadget you own. Or because they are made of paper, you can recycle the whole packaging and use the headphones. This is very impressive.

I’m sure you’re thinking about how hard these will hold up, so it’s nice to see that they’re IPX4 rated to protect against sweat and splashes and are perfect for your workouts However, they’re not going to appreciate a full-blown downpour, so it’s worth noting. And I love that the headband is completely removable and washable.

Adidas RPT-02 SOL Headphone Verdict

These solar-powered headphones deliver solid sound and offer unique features and reliability. You get points for the ‘green’ approach that offers the unlimited playtime Adidas promises (but in winter). They’re comfortable, convenient, and easy to use, and while runners may slip forward a bit while jogging, they’re ideal for hitting the weight room at the gym. failed. So if you like the sound of an innovative, future-proof set of on-ear cans that are always refilled, give it a try.

Adidas RPT-02 SOL Headphones: What You Need to Know

  • weight: 256g
  • Battery life: 80 hours without light, unlimited with light
  • charging time: 2 hours constant light charging via USB-C
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • driver: 40mm dynamic driver
  • water resistant: IPX4


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