Addison Ray kills with spectacular abs in bra, underwear IG photo

  • Addison Rae is doing her best and posting Instagram pics to prove she has the most unique fashion.
  • The 21-year-old actress is so strong in photos showing off her sculpted abs in bras and underwear.
  • Addison loves going to Dogpound, a celebrity-favorite gym, and also does many booty carving workouts.

If anyone is wondering what Addison Ray is doing these days, it’s safe to say that she’s totally killing.

The 21-year-old TikTok sensation, dancer, and actress dropped a series of fiery photos on Instagram. It’s clear she’s as fashionable as ever. In her photo, Addison rocks a sort of leather newsboy, oversized black blazer, tights, underwear, and bra. “Dance more,” Addison captioned her photo.

Her friends and followers were quick to add comments, with Iris Apatow commenting “hottest” and other fans dropping more fire emojis than I can count. This seems appropriate in this scenario. This basically became a kind of lingerie fashion moment.

It’s no surprise that Addison looks healthy. She’s a huge fan of yoga and dance workouts to keep her in style. Addison especially loves Pilates. She has been spotted taking Hailey Bieber’s classes, according to her. daily mail.

Addison also frequents The Dogpound, which absolutely destroys some grueling workouts with all the other gym-loving celebs.

Addison hasn’t shared much about her diet, but she did teach Poosh Queen Kourtney Kardashian a thing or two about how to keep her booty so toned. I did a minute butt workout and it seems pretty intense.

“I love training my butt,” Addison said. “It literally burns badly, but it’s so good.”

If you’re already excited, expect 6 minutes of donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and more. It’s hard work for peaches.

Thank you Addison!

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