Aaron Donald breaks silence with shocking helmet swing that drilled Bengals player during violent brawl

It’s rare to see NFL players hit their opponents with their helmets, but that’s exactly what happened last week when Aaron Donald was in Cincinnati. The incident was quelled on August 25, and almost a week later, the Rams star was finally asked about the situation, and he went full-on to Allen Iverson.

in the meantime Interview on CBS Sports RadioDonald seemed to hint that the helmet swing wasn’t a big deal since it didn’t happen during the game.

“It was just practice,” said Donald Zach Gelb Shaw“Obviously people have called and done things like that, but I’m not going to sit down and talk about the negative things that happened at practice. My main focus is Buffalo.”

As Iverson once said, “We’re talking practice, not the game.”

head shot image

While players can be penalized for hitting someone with their helmet during a game (Myles Garrett got a six-game suspension for that exact situation), Donald’s incident happened during practice, so You probably won’t be penalized. NFL Always leave the punishment to the team It means that whenever you have problems in practice, you will have to take punishment from the Rams.

Rams coach Sean McVay gave a vague answer when asked on August 27 if there would be a penalty for Donald.

“We handle it in-house and we keep it in-house,” McVay said. When the Rams lost 16-7 to the Bengals.

Donald is asked by Gelb if there will be some sort of internal punishment in the end, and by the sound of it, the answer is no.

“We talked,” said Donald. “We talked.”

helmet swing occurred During last week’s joint practice between the Rams and the BengalsAccording to ESPN, near the end of practice, a violent brawl began after a Rams defender grabbed Bengals offensive lineman Rael Collins from behind. do Grab Leonard Floyd’s helmet and throw it at him And all hell broke loose from there.

At some point in the confusion, Donald grabbed not one but two helmets and started swinging them. Donald didn’t just take a swing, he actually made the connection.

In the video above, you can clearly see (and hear) him hitting someone on the head with his helmet. The person who hit him was wearing a helmet, so no one was injured.

Considering how hard the swing went down, Donald luckily no one was seriously injured.

Despite his complete disregard for player safety, Donald appears to avoid serious punishment. That means he’ll be on the field when the NFL season starts next Thursday in Los Angeles when the Rams host the Bills.

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