A surprising list of celebrities the FBI has on file

Mickey Dolenz, the only surviving group member of the Monkees, is suing law enforcement for access to records the FBI may hold, thus making other pop culture figures investigated by the FBI. Turning a blind eye seems like a crime. Over the years.

According to the complaint filed by Dolenz, the Monkees were investigated by the FBI in 1967 for alleged anti-Vietnam War activity in connection with a concert and flashed pictures and messages protesting the conflict.

Other stars who had political files included late singer John Denver (who attended an anti-war rally in 1971 and documented his drug use in his 1994 autobiography, Take Me Home: An Autobiography). coupled with the use of ). Famous deaf and blind activist Helen Keller (who was a socialist and considered dangerous in the early 20th century) and baseball legend Jackie Robinson (his file lists his civic information on rights activities and his ties to communist organizations).
Iconic actress Marilyn Monroe had a file as one of the reasons one of her husbands. The FBI suspected playwright and screenwriter Arthur Miller, who had been married to Monroe from 1956 until 1961, was a communist.
The late rapper Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace, also known as “The Nototrious BIG,” Tupac Shakur, and Wu-Tang Clan’s “All Dirty Bastard,” Russell Tyrone Jones, all had files as well.
Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs in 2010.
Apple founder Steve Jobs obtained the files in 1991 when he was thought to be a likely candidate for appointment to the US President’s Export Council.

The FBI put together files on some celebrities not because of their activities, but because of the actions of others.

Whitney Houston in 1988.
Files about the late singer Whitney Houston contain information about blackmail attempts against her and strong interest from fans, including multiple letters and cassette tapes sent to her.
Princess Diana in 1983.
The late Princess Diana had two simple FBI files. One concerns threats when she and Prince Charles got married, and another about her security issues related to her 1989 trip to the United States.

The FBI’s Freedom of Information Act Library has a disclaimer and includes some files related to pop culture figures. According to the disclaimer, “The information found in these files may not reflect current beliefs, positions, opinions or policies currently held by the FBI.”


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