A $70,000 charge was made to a man who exploited a DoorDash glitch?

A man was charged over $70,000 by DoorDash after the company fixed a payment glitch that had previously been used to order for free.


At the time of our initial writing, the evidence leaned towards the video being fake. We are also reaching out to other users who claimed to have ordered expensive items on the night of July 7, 2022 to see if those customers were ultimately charged.

On September 21, 2022, a Reddit user claimed on the website’s front page that a man was charged well over $70,000 after exploiting a DoorDash glitch to allow him to order for free. Upvoted the thread. The title of the thread was “This is what happens when you exploit glitches”. However, there is quite a bit of data that casts doubt on this story.

find the original video

A Reddit post showed a video from the @imdrip Instagram account and read, “He spent over $70,000 when DoorDash glitched and was eventually billed to him 🤦😭.” was

The video appears to have been first posted by TikTok user @mustardpregnancy on September 9th.

In the video, the man is said to be scrolling through his Chase bank checking account in the Chase Mobile Banking app, but he doesn’t seem to believe the account balance is -$73,410.63.

Some commenters on Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok all believed the video was real. However, the scale is heavily tilted in the direction of it being fake.

Doordash glitch really happened

First, it’s important to note that DoorDash once had to fix a bug that allowed users to order items for free. According to, the glitch occurred on the night of July 7, 2022.

In a statement, the company said it “encountered a ‘payment processing issue’ that allowed users to place short-term orders without a payment method.” The exploit apparently took him less than 24 hours, and with the flood of expensive purchases and photos posted on social media, it must have been a busy night for the delivery driver.

Before the bug was fixed, DoorDash users had to: Bulk buying alcohol and food at McDonald’s, wings, Contraceptive, TV, etc. We have reached out to some of these users to see if they were eventually charged and will update this story if we hear back.

Here’s why TikTok is likely fake

Let’s return our attention to the TikTok video in question. First, all the charges on the phone appeared to show his July 15th date. This closely matched the glitch we had just 8 days ago.

Testing with the Chase app showed that when the man started scrolling to see the price, the three components kept moving and instead stuck in place at the top of the screen. These components were a small “back” button shaped like a left arrow icon, the words “Chase Checkings (…3020)”, and a profile his icon. These three items of his continued to scroll out of view. This suggests the man is looking at long vertical photos similar to the app, possibly just a social prank on his media, with the dollar figures altered.

A day after posting a viral video, @mustardpregnancy claimed he couldn’t pay his electricity bill in a new, apparently relatable comedy clip. The video was recorded with the lights off while he used a vape pen as the light source. However, in subsequent videos, I noticed that the lights were on regardless of where they were recorded.

Other videos made by the same user include a man supposedly showing his mother his bank statements, a man trying to find out how much money he can make by selling his testicles, and a play on a couch. It included agitated behavior.

Also, @mustardpregnancy is a content creator. At least three of his other videos showed the same person acting like a police officer in his comedic sketches. A Reddit commenter claimed, “I went to school with him. He’s a content he’s a creator. That’s not real 😂.”

In short, there is plenty of evidence to cast doubt on the idea that the man in the video was actually charged over $70,000 by DoorDash after abusing the company’s payment mistakes.

We reached out to TikTok users and the company with some questions and will update this article with a more robust fact-checking assessment in due time. .


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