9 changes Redditor wants to see in the next James Bond movie

With the release of no time to die With Daniel Craig’s success as 007 coming to an end, there has been constant debate and speculation about who will play the iconic character next.

Elba is one of many great suggestions offered for the latest offerings. hook up Repeatedly (although he doesn’t seem to want to take the role), it seems like the world needs to be a little more patient because even the producers don’t really know what they want anymore. If so, you should consider Reddit, as many users have recommended some suggestions that could help revive the franchise.

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make bond fun again

Several decades since the dawn of 007, james bond There was no shortage of camp. However, as the franchise began to mature, the film took on a darker, more brooding tone. This is why his Friend-Beast on Redditor wants to get back to the fun stuff, stating “fun stuff that doesn’t take itself stone cold like Craig.”

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The cold rigor of Daniel Craig’s Bond was once hook up Franchises today have many hook up Fans are sick of angles. Enough time has passed for the idea of ​​a slightly more fun Bond to become appealing again, like portrayals by Roger Moore and George Lazenby.

60’s style

To this day, the majority of tinkering with the franchise hasn’t been particularly important. But this Redditor of him feels things should go the old way. It’s like the Sherlock episode that took place in 1895. ”

This is not a new idea, but it is a difficult one to implement. A return to the 1960s just takes Bond back to a time when there was far less diversity and women didn’t get as many character roles (other than Bond’s love interest). Going back in this direction would require quite a few changes and fixes.

Bond should become an independent agent

Regardless of who has played 007 over the years, his relationship with the British government is usually a polite one. Throughout the franchise, there have actually been times when Bond doesn’t make eye contact with M, leading to varying degrees of excitement.

Redditor vernonappleby feels that Bond acting independently of his government is the way to go. Spy to do the right thing. It’s a decent proposition, but fans will question whether it’s a good enough change for his 007 future.

lots of gadgets

One of the key elements of the James Bond character is the numerous gadgets he uses throughout the series. This was probably a big part of Bond’s persona in the early films, especially during the Craig era, when a more stripped-down, basic approach was taken.

Nonetheless, Redditor Maleficent-City-7877 believes that “sophisticated gadgets” are the next era. hook up needs. There was a time when the franchise took on some serious heat over the inclusion of an invisible car (which was just one of those pieces that viewers find incredibly difficult). Perhaps enough time has passed for this sort of over-the-top gadget to be appealing to fans.

Back to Bond Basics

Bond’s demeanor has changed over the years, especially when comparing Connery Bond films to Craig’s. Redditor Maekjar4455 wants to go back to the early days and said:

maybe it’s craig’s fault hook up An era in which so many fans feel the franchise has been robbed of their enjoyment. hook up Preparing for launch. Above all, fans want to entertain when watching her 007 movies.

Space, the final frontier (again)

James Bond is a truly fearless character when it comes to doing the job he’s hired to do. I’ve even seen

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Bond could certainly return to space if the producers decided, but it’s worth asking if they should. I think it’s time toSpace adventures no longer appeal to audiences the way they once did moonraker It was made, but it will probably work.

Volcano hideaway, please

It is difficult hook up Fans imagine the franchise existing without the early supervillains. Full of diabolical extremes that the audience can’t take their eyes off, hook up The villain was creative and dedicated to an incredibly extravagant lifestyle.

Redditor urborous longed for a return to the savage rogues of yesteryear, stating that “the modern world needs James Bond to deal with volcanic lairs if they exist.” Jokes aside, a villain like unleashing corruption upon the world from his volcanic lair might be an ancient spy movie cliché, but it’s still very appealing to so many.

A bond worthy of its name

Nothing has caused more disagreement and heated debate within the 007 franchise than the idea of ​​who could or should play the coveted James Bond role. This is especially true these days, with the demand for non-white actors to play everything from Bond to female versions of super spies.

one by one hook up Fans have their favorite picks for the role, and so many actors have been suggested to replace Daniel Craig over the last few years. Redditor Floyd_sw_lock9477 wrote, “Henry Cavill. It’s a reasonable suggestion, but time will tell how accurate it will be in the end.

This time it’s not personal

2006 release Casino Royale Not only did it introduce Daniel Craig as James Bond, it also made personal revenge central to Bond’s legacy. Some fans got bored with it because of that.

Redditor genericmovievillain is one such fan, stating “no more personal revenge”. This is a fair enough request, and one that further underscores how different the next era will be. hook up To keep the interest of your loyal fans, you have to. There is a definite degree of fatigue in the current formula, and the franchise’s continued success depends on how this is handled.

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