6 Ways to Fix Instagram Reel Audio Deleted Automatically After Upload

If you often collaborate on Instagram or use audio from popular reels for your own reels, you may have faced the issue of no sound on some reels. This ensures that your uploaded reel will continue to play in mute mode when someone views it on Instagram. To get around this issue, I researched and figured out how to fix Instagram reel audio automatically deleted after upload. Additionally, you can learn how to fix Instagram reels that have stopped playing within the app.

Why is my reel audio removed?

There can be many unexpected reasons for Instagram reel audio to be automatically deleted, but some notable reasons are:

1. Your app may be facing technical glitch The Instagram reel will play in mute mode.

2. The original reel with audio used to create the Instagram reel is It was deleted From Instagram.

3. you used copyrighted music to your reel without giving proper attribution.

How to fix Instagram reel audio automatically deleted after upload?

Now that we know the underlying reason, let’s take a closer look at how to fix this issue on Instagram Reel.

Clear cache and restart Instagram app

If you’ve recently noticed an issue with no audio on some of your uploaded Instagram reels, it could be caused by: old cache file Affects the audio playback functionality of the Instagram app. To resolve this, you will need to manually clear the cache files and restart the app to restore normal functionality. Method is as follows.

1. go to your phone setting Tap app.

2. Then find Instagram In the list of installed apps, storage and caching option.

3. At the end, clear cache button Clear all temporary app cache files.

Instagram reel audio removed

Four. Then restart the app and open the uploaded reel to see if the audio is back.

Repost Instagram reel

Another nifty way to fix Instagram reel audio is automatically deleted is to repost the reel to your account. It should be reposted as a reel to get rid of the no sound issue. For an easy fix, follow these steps:

1. First, you need to download Instagram Reels to your smartphone.

2. Once downloaded, you will need to repost the video to your Instagram account as a new reel.

3. swipe to the left Start creating a new reel in your Instagram timeline.

Four. Then tap + icon Click and select the reel video you just downloaded. I downloaded the reel with the entire audio so I don’t need to manually add the audio again. Now you can use different audio for your reel captions to avoid copyright infringement.

Five. Finally, tap Next Press share button Repost the reel to your Instagram account.

that’s it! Now that the reel has been uploaded, you can check if the sound issue is resolved.

Use your own audio Instagram reel

As opposed to using popular or trending audio, you should practice including your own audio so that your Instagram reel sound is not automatically removed after uploading. In addition, it can contain different types. non-copyrighted music to your reel to avoid problems. For this, you can use your device to directly record a video with sound or replace the existing video audio with non-copyrighted music. Check out our simple instructions on how to remove sound from a video and add new audio to achieve the same.

Instagram reel audio removed

Once processed, you can post your edited video as a new Instagram Reel. Don’t worry about your uploaded Instagram reel audio being taken down for copyright infringement.

Choose popular audios to avoid audio deletion

Choosing the audio for your Instagram reel is as important as creating it. If you choose unpopular or old music to create an Instagram reel, your uploaded reel audio may be deleted after a while as Instagram’s algorithm keeps updating new content while removing old content. I have. So to be on the safer side you should always choose audio from popular reels. .

1. Open the reel you want to use audio for your Instagram reel.

2. Tap phonetic name Below the reel title.

3. be careful number of interactions Described in the audio description. The high number of interactions indicates that the selected voice has been extensively used by other creators for her Instagram reels.

Check the source on Instagram

Another important parameter that you should check to avoid automatic removal of Instagram reel audio is to check the original reel. If the reel of audio you use contains anything that doesn’t comply with Instagram’s policies, it will most likely be removed for community violations. This leaves the reel silent when viewers try to watch it on her Instagram.

Include captions in Instagram reels

In addition to using your own audio, you can add captions/subtitles to your Instagram reels so that your audience can still understand them through the displayed text, even if the audio has been removed. This way you don’t have to worry about previously uploaded reels being left without audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Instagram reel shows “This audio is no longer available”. How can I fix it?

A: This is because the original audio used to create the Instagram reel has been removed from the platform. As a result, you will see the message “Audio is no longer available” on Instagram reels. To fix this, add your own/non-copyrighted audio or repost the reel to your account with the original audio.

Q: How to fix distorted audio on Instagram reels after upload?

A: Audio distortion and stuttering issues are common while playing Instagram Reels when the app accumulates too many old cache files. To fix this issue, you need to clear the cache files associated with the app to restore normal functionality.


In this article, we have explained how to fix the Instagram reel audio auto-removal issue on your account. If this guide helped you troubleshoot the same issue, please hit the like button and share. Check out our other tips linked below and stay tuned for more helpful guides.

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