6 RBs to consider fading in in draft

The volume was huge for Harris During his impressive fantasy rookie campaign when he played A whopping 171 more snaps than the next closest RB It ranks 48th in Fantasy Points Per Opportunity.Coaches were already talking about reducing Harris’ workload earlier this summer, but the arrival of the rookie will make it easier. Jaylen Warren.

When Ben Roethlisberger No more relying on dump-offs or playing for a team with one of the worst offensive line and quarterback situations in all of football. Harris is unlikely to justify his ADP in his lofty.

Nagy just got more dangerous in the draft with his news Recovery from recurring foot injuries.

It would be better to describe Mixon as an overdraft rather than a true “breakup,” but it’s not easy for him to return value with such a high ADP while continuing to leave the field on pass downs.Mixon is a threat to score his double-digit touchdowns again behind his line in an improved Bengals offensive (and helps to have his QB easily leading the league in the YPA) , in Cincinnati Refusing to use him as the team’s successor hurts his fantasy upside down.

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Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott sees a running back for the first time in decades His rushing yards per game are down for the fifth straight season and have Career Workload of Concern (Historically, RB starts to show a noticeable decline after reaching 1,500 career rush attempts). Elliott’s weak production last year could be partly responsible for his torn PCL play, but don’t forget he was bad Previous suffer a knee injury.

Dallas can remain stubborn and keep Zeke as its function, but it It’s clear he’s not the team’s best option for the position..

Los Angeles Rams: Cam Akers

Impressive in his early comeback from an Achilles tendon tear last season, Akers looked like a shell of his former self while scoring just 2.6 YPC in 67 rushing attempts in the playoffs. He significantly exceeded his expectations and finished last among the 105 running backs in rushing yards. There’s a good chance Akers will make a comeback in 2022, but the injury will take even more of an outburst. History suggests this could be the new him, Unfortunately. Additionally, the Rams’ running back has never combined his share of targets above 12.5% ​​in any of the past three seasons, and a whopping 80% of the team’s touchdowns came via passes last year. I was.

Los Angeles Rams' Kam Akers has a fantasy flaw this season

Will Cam Akers ever return to his fantasy appearance? (Photo by Mike Ehrman/Getty Images)

in the meantime Sean Mcvey have I usually like to use functionsthe Rams have been Divide work with starters evenly between acres When Darrell Henderson this summer. Henderson has durability issues, He might also be the team’s best running backAkers has already dealt with a soft tissue injury and being drafted as a borderline top 20 RB is a real risk.

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Arizona Cardinals: James Connor

connor is have a long history of injury In every season of his five-year career, he missed more than one the meantime chase edmonds is gone, Eno Benjamin Impressed and expected to take over as Arizona’s successor (if it weren’t for him, the rookie Darrell Williams).

Conor still has great touchdown potential, but lose incoming work It would be huge for his imaginary value (he has only exceeded 755 yards once and has never reached 1,000 yards in his career). An unstable Conor has proven to be a better fantasy pick when he comes out of a down season, but he enters 2022 with high hopes.

Baltimore Ravens: JK Dobbins

Average RB dip in fantasy points per game The season after ACL surgery has been about 17% since 2009, with Dobbins Not exactly regained full strength this summer. He’s clearly the best RB in Baltimore, but he may not get anywhere near 100% until later in the season (if not next year).He also has a quarterback who can rush the score and target his RB 12.9% NFL Low Since 2017.

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