6 cannabis-infused drinks to try

I was born and raised in San Francisco, spent all four years of college at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and never smoked a joint.

I’m basically a cannabis virgin. It simply was never appealed. Again, neither was the wine when I tried it for the first time. did.

Somewhat similarly, my only cannabis experience as an adult did not go well.

A small sip from a dubious Rice Krispie treat led me on a long walk—a walk that incorporated rippling sunsets (midday), deep and interesting thoughts, and shark sightings (artificial reservoirs).

long way to go. I almost didn’t come back. (In fact, I finally found my way home. Thanks, San Mateo Taxi.)

Clearly, my wine story has a happy ending. I have found wine to please my palate more. I have learned to love and appreciate wine for its region’s origins and unique flavor and texture profiles.Completed the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma program. I research, write, teach and taste wine professionally. They have everything from simple sauv blancs to big, bad barolos.

However, my cannabis story is still in its introductory stage. Today, the weed world is expanding, with more and more options for herb-infused beverages. Interestingly, I approach weed tasting in terms of wine tasting. Let’s take a walk♪

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Illustrated by Matt Jones


Sparkling Rosier (Rosé to the rest of us), 5 mg THC / 5 mg CBD

Nothing invites you more intimately than a solo shipper. The low dose of 5mg THC and non-psychoactive CBD in a single serve can was the perfect part for me to try. Enough to feel a calming effect, but still a feeling of clarity.

The peach pink of the morning glow poured into the glass, the scent of grass wet with morning dew and daisies on the lawn warmed by the morning sun. Fruits such as grapefruit, pink lemonade, and lime zest match the scene, while the scent of freshly budding cherry blossoms creates an aura around it. Enjoy as a morning or afternoon treat. In the evening, sip with island-style cuisine and go on vacation. Take me to bed and sleep like the dead (thanks). Refreshing wake up.

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Session (choose from 3)

cloudberry, THC 2mg/2mg

CBD Hoppy Balance, THC5mg/5mg

CBD Hoppy Chill, Less than 10 mg THC / 2 mg CBD

Cloudberry: The nose is as subtle as a cirrus cloud. Light, aroma streaks…

Stripes representing everyone’s favorite Starbursts (pink Starburst, of course): Pink Lemonade, Candied Strawberry, Cherry Bomb Chapstick. And perfectly french-kissed the freshly ripened bananas. The taste is dry and frothy, wateryFruit flavors dance in the background. A breath of herbs remains in the aftertaste. (weed.)

Does high THC content also mean high concentration of flavor? *insert shrug emoji here*. Bye-bye children’s candy and a halo fruit cocktail of grapefruit, pineapple, passionfruit and guava (and bananas are on the move again…). The scent of herbs (again weeds) fades into oblivion. into outer space. all the time.

what’s your mood? 2, 5, 10mg? doesn’t matter. The good people of Lagunitas have gadgets that can be resealed so they can be consumed a little at a time if they want to go Micro.

PS If anyone asks: 0 calories is completely Adequate amount of calories. Especially if paired with pizza.And that fruity, hoppy, weedy quality has something to pair with For real Goes well with pizza. (Maybe even better than my go-to Goose?)

Saka no Ie “White”

40 mg THC / 5 mg CBD per bottle 8 mg THC / 1 mg CBD per serving

May be cloudy Awesome in a glass.Among sour, citrus and sour aroma Lemon, white grapefruit, unripe white peach, nectarine and pineapple. This orchard should be planted in dry grass, perhaps hay.

Strong acidity and citrus fruit are complemented by a rounded mouthfeel and notes of grassy baking spices such as vanilla, cardamom and coriander. Orange flowers enter the mix.

Long-lasting finish all these notes. Just like real wine.

Recommended way to eat: Chill! Another serving suggestion: Serve over ice with sparkling water or a few fruit slices for a fun cocktail-like experience.

Excellent compatibility: Hawaiian pizza (I For real like pizza).

Saka no Ie “Pink”

40 mg THC / 5 mg CBD per bottle 8 mg THC / 1 mg CBD per serving

There’s a reason it’s called pink instead of rosé. This weed wine is pink in color. Amazing Pink – Aromas and flavors of candied strawberry, raspberry, perfectly ripe watermelon, rose petals, guava, papaya, pink grapefruit and passion fruit match. Just super exhilarating and fun. and pink too.

Another prop for PS packaging. The 750 mL bottle has a screw cap with visible cork. yet Enjoy the benefits of resealing.

This article was originally published in the October 2022 issue. wine lovers magazine. Click here to subscribe now!

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