2022 Fantasy Football: How to Start with the Cooper Cup and Draft from 4th Overall Pick in the 0.5-PPR League

There’s no reason to doubt it when last season’s best player in fantasy football fell into your hands with the No. 4 pick. As the saying goes, don’t look at the gift horse in the mouth – just take the Cooper Cup. Even the decline has outpaced all other wide receivers in at least the last decade.

Some analysts have switched to Justin Jefferson as the No. 1 wide receiver, but if I’m picking anywhere under 3rd overall outside of straight league outside of PPR and Kupp is on the board, he is on my team The selection for the latest pick-by-pick series that followed was pretty tough.

The last time I did this exercise, I was the 4th pick and got Tyreek Hill with the 3rd round pick. This time, I took him for the second time. And last time he wasn’t even sure he loved his worth the third time. what changed? Well, after watching the Miami offense in preseason, I’m more optimistic. This is his 0.5 PPR format, so Hill’s catch total concerns are a little lessened. He’ll get a lot of touches on Miami’s offense, and while he’ll be a little less explosive without Patrick Mahomes, he’ll still produce chunks of yards on a regular basis.

Pick-by-Pick 0.5-PPR Strategy: 1 | | 2 | | 3 | | Four | | Five | | 6 | | 7 | | 8 | | 9 | | Ten | | 11 | | 12

The remaining teams in fourth place are:

1.4: Cooper Cup, WR, Rams
2.9: Tyreek Hill, WR, Dolphins
3.4: Josh Allen, QB, Bills
4.9: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Cowboys
5.4: DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks
6.9: Amon La St. Brown, WR, Lyons
7.4: Devin Singletary, RB, Bills
8.9: Ramondre Stevenson, RB, Patriots
9.4: Chris Olave, WR, Saints
10.9: Isaiah McKenzie, WR, Bills
11.4: Albert Okwegbunam, TE, Broncos
12.9: Romeo Dubs, WR, Packers
13.4: JD McKissic, RB, Commander
14.9: Eno Benjamin, RB, Cardinals
15.4: Belles Jones Jr., WR, Bears

Interestingly, both of our pick-by-pick series ended up with Allen and Hill in the second and third rounds. I just changed the order. And just like last time, in his first six picks he only had one running his back. I don’t like Elliott as an RB1, especially given Tyrone Smith’s knee/hamstring injury, but Elliott still feels like a pretty high floor pick, and will be available in rounds 4 or 5 Among the possible running backs, probably none. Who is likely to score an average of 12-13 0.5-PPR points per game. He probably doesn’t have a very real path to his 20 PPG, for example.

But I think I made up for it not only with an excellent WR corps, but also some really great complementary running backs. It suggests it could have a role similar to the one that closed out last season. I don’t think Singletary will average 17.5 0.5-PPR points per game like in his last six games including the playoffs, but he should be a solid starter. And Stevenson could be more than solid as a potential pass catchback for the Patriots, in addition to the rush job he can siphon off of Damien Harris. , most weeks he needs two good backs.

favorite picks

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Okwuegbunam has become a staple of tight ends in the closing stages. Fantasy came as a surprise among his analysts when Okwegbunam played until late in the fourth quarter in Game 2 of the preseason, but the Broncos at the time saw a much-needed boost as he learned his new role on the offense. I said it was just about getting rep. We sat him down with the rest of the starters in the third preseason game. Okwuegbunam will have a great chance in this offense as a third option. Don’t be surprised if he regularly lines up for the slot. Rookie Gregg Dulcich is starting the season with IR, but this will give Okwegbunam confidence.

choose something you might regret

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I’m dedicated to getting one of the high-end quarterbacks in most leagues, and if you’re drafting with a colleague who hates QBs, that usually means Allen in the first few rounds. And there’s always the risk that Allen isn’t a near-PPG 30 scorer, but a run-of-the-mill good player. In that case, you might regret making this kind of bet on him. I do not think so. His skill set is too valuable, but if he doesn’t run even a little near the goal line, that can happen.

make or break a player

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Elliott has been better the last two seasons than when he was healthy, but between last season’s knee injury and 2020’s calf problems, he’s been playing with so many disabilities . Add the Cowboys’ loss of the first left tackle to the season as a whole, and this could be a difficult place for Elliott to make it. I don’t think so. But the worse outcome might be that Elliot has been active throughout the season and isn’t just worth starting out like most of last season was.

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