2022 Fantasy Football Draft Prep ADP Review: Best Value Right Now by Riser, Falls, Target and More

A good amount of fantasy drafts took place over the last two days of the last weekend of August, which coincides with the end of the preseason games. It’s a great time to take a look at average draft position data as we head into the final stages of the draft season.

There are a few things to watch for this week regarding health, NFL roster moves and depth charts, but most fantasy managers know what to expect next season. And that’s reflected in recent drafts.

Here are my favorite and least favorite values ​​for each position based on the CBS Sports ADP (insert link here). For players still drafting, we hope it helps you find players to target and players to avoid. before the regular season begins on September 8.


good value

Russell Wilson: ADP 71.2, QB11
Dak Prescott: ADP 72.9, QB12
Derek Carr: ADP 92.9, QB13
Trey Lance: ADP 98.1, QB14
Kirk Cousins: ADP 98.2, QB15

My ranking of these quarterbacks is Wilson (QB8), Lance (QB9), Prescott (QB10), Cousins ​​(QB13), Kerr (QB14) and use any of them as your starting fantasy option this year. I want to Draft all these guys before Aaron Rodgers, who is QB9 under ADP. … Wilson is the safest of the group and has a huge advantage as a Denver starter. Lance could be a league winner as a top 5 quarterback for the 49ers. Lance could also fail given his inexperience and he is the only quarterback I have ranked in the top 10 who should be drafted with a backup option. I love pairing the Kerr and both are two of my favorite sleepers this season given their value and benefits. Cousins ​​has benefited from new coach Kevin O’Connell, and Kerr should now be spending his career season with Davante Adams in Las Vegas … with left tackle Tyrone Smith (hamstring) injured. I expected Prescott to drop in value, but I still like him as the No. 1 fantasy quarterback of the year. If he keeps sliding, you should take advantage of it.

bad value

Joe Burrow: ADP 58.6, QB8
Aaron Rodgers: ADP 64.6, QB9
Matthew Stafford: ADP 69.5, QB10

We have worked this out with Burrow many times based on his inflated ADP which varies from website to website. He’s as tall as his QB4 this offseason and I can’t draft him for that price. His ADP at CBS is close to his value, but I wouldn’t draft him ahead of Wilson or Lance. Burrow is a solid fantasy starting quarterback this year, but you can’t reach for him. …the same goes for Rodgers, who lost his two top receivers to Adams and Marquez Valdez scantling. The latter is interchangeable, but we’ll see how Rogers performs in a full season without Adams. I’d rather settle for Rogers than do. He’s out of my top ten this year. … Stafford appears to be free from the elbow injury that frightened Fantasy his manager (and possibly the Rams) at the start of his training camp. It’s still something to watch, and could be a concern again during the season.Like Burrow and Rodgers, they’d be happy to have Stafford as his starting quarterback this season, but at this price he’s not the only one. cannot be obtained.

running back

good value

Dandre Swift: ADP 24.4, RB14
Travis Etienne: ADP 51.4, RB22
Dameon Pierce: ADP 64.2, RB26
Antonio Gibson: ADP 85.1, RB32
Chase Edmonds: ADP 92.1, RB36
Ramondre Stevenson: ADP 97.4, RB 37
Darrell Henderson: ADP 131.9, RB44
Nyheim Hines: ADP 134.7, RB47
Isaiah Pacheco: ADP 138.4, RB48
Zamir White: ADP 144.9, RB50

Swift may have been overrated when he was drafted in the first round at the start of training camp, but he should be picked closer to the first round than the third. …, and I would draft him early in Round 4. When James Robinson (Achilles) is 100%, I’m not worried about him losing value in PPR. bought Pierce as a breakout candidate and liked him as a top 24 running back across all formats. He’s worth drafting in Round 6. … At the time of publication, Brian Robinson’s status is unknown. shoot many times Attempted robbery on Sunday. Obviously, we hope Robinson is doing okay, but the absence will be a boost for Gibson, who was on the verge of losing his job to Robinson heading into week one. Should be a running back and worth it. … Stevenson should benefit greatly if Ty Montgomery (ankle) is out for an extended period of time. If Stevenson not only plays on pass downs but also splits the job with Damien Harris on the ground, he’s a borderline starter in every league. miss practice this week, we’ll see an increase in ADP. Henderson could be the Rams’ starter in Week 1. … Hines is one of my favorite draft targets this year, and I like him as a PPR flex his play. If anything happens to Jonathan Taylor, he could also be a lottery ticket….Pacheco and White are his two lottery tickets covered in all leagues. If Pacheco has a chance to start for the Chiefs and White for the Raiders, both could be potential starting candidates in every format.

bad value

Nick Chubb: ADP 16.2, RB9
Ezekiel Elliott: ADP 35.9, RB16
Josh Jacobs: 38.9 ADP, 17 RB
Kam Acres: ADP 48.5, RB21
Damian Harris: ADP 55.7, RB23

With Jacoby Brissett starting the Browns’ first 11 games and Deshawn Watson (suspended) out, I haven’t run away from Chubb. I’m not drafting it as a 10 running back. … Elliott could be in trouble with Tyrone Smith out for the Cowboys, and I was already nervous about drafting Elliott in the third round in every league. I want to draft Tony Pollard with 83.1 ADP as his RB31. … Jacobs is expected to share touches with Zamir White and Ameer Abdullah, making it difficult to trust Jacobs as a must-have option for his PPR. I definitely wouldn’t draft him in the 4th round at this price. … Akers is injured and looks like he’s headed to a committee with Henderson and potential rookie Killen Williams. It’s not worth drafting Akers in the fourth round with uncertain Week 1 status. … Harris could benefit from leaving Montgomery out, but that doesn’t mean every league should draft him as a starter. Stevenson is better than Harris in PPR, and I have no intention of drafting Harris in Round 5.

wide receiver

good value

Michael Pittman: ADP 42.2, WR15
DJ Moore: ADP 48.4, WR16
Courtland Sutton: ADP 54.1, WR17
Michael Thomas: ADP 68.6, WR25
Brandin Cooks: ADP 70.1, WR27
Rashod Bateman: ADP 87.6, WR31
Darnell Mooney: ADP 90.8, WR32
Christian Kirk: ADP 106.5, WR39
Nico Collins: ADP 158.1, WR63
Joshua Palmer: No ADP data

Pittman and Moore are two of my favorite breakout contenders this year, and I’ll be drafting them both in Round 2. If this is where he remains ADP in the majority of leagues, getting both in Round 4 is an amazing value. … Sutton is another breakout candidate worth drafting in the third round of PPR. I also like Jerry Jeudy (72.4 ADP, WR28), but Sutton has the better side as he will likely be Russell Wilson’s number one receiver. … Hope Thomas (Hamstring) is healthy heading into week 1, but at this price it’s a steal. He has, by all accounts, had a great training his camp in his return from ankle pain the past two seasons, and will be able to return as a top 15 fantasy receiver this year. … Cooks has always been underrated, but I thought that would change this season considering he played for the Texans last year. Apparently not so buy him all day at this price. … Bateman, Mooney and Kirk should be his No. 1 receivers on their respective teams. Bateman should share targets with Mark Andrews, but Lamar Jackson will have to rely on Bateman enough to become a borderline starter in every league (with about 120 targets). calculation). Mooney should be in the top 10 of all receivers this season, and Kirk should be the Jaguars’ top his receiver. I draft Kirk in Round 7 in all formats. … Collins has been performing well this preseason and should be the Texans’ second-best target behind Cook. He’s one of my favorite sleepers. … Palmer should be drafted in the late round he is a pick in every league. I love him and his KJ Osborne (ADP 147.8, WR55) as lottery recipients.

bad value

Deebo Samuel: ADP 20.8, WR6
Mike Evans: ADP 28.6, WR8
Jaylen Waddle: ADP 58.8, WR19
DK Metcalfe: ADP 62.14, WR21
Adam Thielen: ADP 68.1, WR24

Samuel is a quality fantasy option and worth drafting in late round 2 or early round 3, but I don’t like him as the 6th receiver off the board, especially in PPR. …with Russell Gage and Julio Jones joining the Buccaneers and Chris Godwin (ACL) on track for Week 1, Evans will look for a target in Tampa Bay if everyone is healthy can have a hard time. Round 3 of PPR, but I don’t know if he should be considered a top 10 fantasy receiver. Godwin (ADP 60.8, WR20) is a much better value. …Waddle hopes he’ll be ready for Week 1 after preseason action concludes, as he’s dealing with an undisclosed leg injury. I wouldn’t mind drafting him in Round 5 in every league, but I wouldn’t consider him a top-20 fantasy receiver now that Tyreek Hill is in Miami. … Metcalf has to fight Gino Smith as Seattle’s starting quarterback, at least early in the season, which lowers his Metcalf value. I don’t want to draft him as a starter for his PPR. Tyler Lockett (ADP 118.16, WR44) is also a concern, but he will be drafted much later. …I like him Thielen as his No. 3 receiver, but he’s drafted here as a starter. Given his history of injuries and the expected increase in roles for Osborn and Irv Smith, he feels the risk. Thielen’s saving grace, especially in his non-PPR league, is that he can score eight or more touchdowns if he stays healthy.

tight end

good value

Dallas Godart: ADP 73.1, TE7
Cole Kemet: ADP 123.7, TE13
David Njoku: ADP 147.3, TE18

I’m not sure if Goedert should be drafted above TE7, but he may be the most valuable position among the top options. He’s heading into a breakout campaign this year…. Kmet is already one amazing value considering his strengths and he’s my favorite breakout of his players this season. I’m one of the He should absorb Justin Fields’ target in Chicago’s offense as his second option in the game, passing behind Mooney. … Njoku should benefit from Brissett down center and more short area passes. And he would be the number two target for the Browns behind Amari Cooper.

bad value

George Kittle: ADP 48.6, TE4
Dawson Knox: ADP 97.5, TE10
Mike Geschke: ADP 105.7, TE11

I’m not panicking about Kittle like some of my peers, but I also have no intention of drafting him as a tight end in Round 4 or No. 4. it’s too early. … Knox could lead all tight ends in touchdowns, but not drafting him at this price, especially in PPR. Buffalo have too many mouths to feed. … Gesicki needs to be traded out of Miami to get close to this ADP of his. He doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on the Dolphins’ offense heading into the season.

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