2022 Dutch GP report and highlights: Verstappen beats Leclerc by 0.021s to take pole position at Zandvoort

Max Verstappen takes pole position at the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix while Charles Leclerc loses by 0.021 seconds in the thrilling Zandvoort contest.

Verstappen posted a lap of 1:10.342 in Q3 before his teammate Sergio Perez (5th) spun at Turn 13 and raised the yellow flag, preventing anyone else from beating the Dutchman’s time. . Leclerc qualified his second, 0.021 seconds behind the home favorite, and Q2 leader Carlos Sainz, his third, one tenth behind him.

Lewis Hamilton qualified on the second row in the P4 and the Mercedes driver failed to improve in the second half of Q3, with team-mate George Russell settling in sixth behind Perez.


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red bull racing

Lando Norris finished in 7th, Mick Schumacher in a surprising 8th and Yuki Tsunoda in an equally amazing 9th. Lance his Stroll progressed to his Q3, but technical problems locked him in the garage and Aston he settled for 10th on the Martin grid.

Pierre Gasly qualified 11th ahead of compatriot Esteban Ocon, while Fernando Alonso finished 13th in Q2. Guanyu Zhou finished 14th ahead of Williams’ Alex Albon.

Valtteri Bottas was knocked out in 16th as Alfa Romeo teammate Zhou advanced to Q2. Haas’s Kevin Magnussen’s track violation of his limits saw him finish in his 17th position, McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo, Aston’s Martin’s Sebastian Vettel (final flying) He crashed into the gravel on his lap and he finished 19th. ), Williams’ Nicholas Latifi caught up.

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Q1 – Verstappen on top

There was a lot of cheering when Max Verstappen appeared five minutes later. The Dutch driver put his car to work on the circuit and set the top time of 1m 11.317s (despite losing time at the final corner). , followed by the Mercedes drivers of Russell and Hamilton in provisional third and fourth respectively.

But while the likes of Vettel, Ricciardo, Albon and Schumacher are on the verge of dropping out in a highly advanced track evolution, Bottas was on top in 15th as the field re-emerged. .

Verstappen and Leclerc stayed in the garage, content with their times, the former holding on to first place in Q1, but Hamilton finishing second in his Mercedes just 0.024s behind, with Tsunoda fastest in the second sector and third. Earned. This dropped Leclerc to his fourth position, with McLaren’s Norris and Mercedes driver Russell in his sixth.

Tsunoda finished 3rd in Q1 and had a good impression

Stroll managed to get ahead of Perez for seventh, while Aston Martin team-mate Vettel could only manage 19th after suffering damage in the gravel outside Turn 13. He finished 20th in the standings.

With Gasly, Schumacher and Ocon passing, Sainz may have gotten a little nervous and finished 14th in Q1. Alfa Romeo’s lap also passed in his 15th position, knocking the team out of his mate Bottas by over 0.1 seconds.

Magnussen overshot the track limit at Turn 3 and was eliminated in 17th, while Ricciardo finished 18th.

Knockouts: Bottas, Magnussen, Ricciardo, Vettel, Latifi

Vettel picked up gravel to finish 19th

Q2 – Seven different teams advance to Q3, with Sainz taking first place

Q2 was red flagged as soon as the green light was given a flare was thrown onto the track, ruining Albon’s out lap and removing the offender from the circuit. After a break of about five minutes, Verstappen and Albon resumed action. The former was used software and the latter was new software. The Red Bull driver crossed the line in a time of 1:10.927 to set the top time.

Hamilton in the lead moved up to second ahead of Perez, while Stroll was an early Q2 star, with Russell rounding out the top five in fourth, 0.489s behind Verstappen. Both AlphaTauris, Ocon, Zhou, and Schumacher were threatened with elimination, and Albon was in his P10 bubble.

As the checkered flag approached the laps entered, Sainz took the lead with a time of 1m10.814s, Russell just 0.010s behind in P2 and dropped Verstappen.

Leclerc was fifth with Hamilton fourth, Norris sixth, and Perez interrupting his last effort for seventh. Stroll and a delighted Schumacher were next on the board, with Tsunoda passing in his 10th position and eliminating Gasly in less than a second of his tenth.

Ocon was eliminated in 12th and Alonso was eliminated in 13th after accusing Perez of interfering with Turns 8 and 9. Zhou put him 14th and Albon missed the final flying lap, but in Q2 he was 15th.

Knockouts: Gasly, Ocon, Alonso, Zhou, Albon

No Alpine in Q3 for first time since Spanish GP

Q3 – Verstappen takes pole position ahead of Leclerc before Perez spins

Verstappen was the first to come out again with the new softs, saving a lot on three sets of new soft tyres. Next was Perez, a used tire. Many other drivers lack Pirelli’s coveted new set of softs. The Dutchman recorded a lap of 1m10.515s and had plenty of time and tires to improve on it…

Leclerc then topped it with a time of 1m10.456s, leaving Hamilton in third behind Verstappen, 0.192s off the pace. Sainz was his fourth, 0.291 seconds behind him, and Perez was his fifth, 0.621 seconds behind him. With his three minutes remaining, Stroll remained in his tenth spot. A technical issue interrupted a strong qualifying session.

The car spilled out of the pits and Leclerc improved his time. Monaco was the first to cross the line, losing time in sector two but improving in a spectacular final sector to finish with a lap of 1:10.363. Verstappen came next and in the second fastest sector he took the lead with a time of 1m10.342s.

Mistake in sector 2 costs Leclerc

Sainz remained in third place by just under 0.2 seconds. Mercedes and Perez had not yet crossed the line, but at turn 13 the Red Bull driver spun his 180 degrees and raised the yellow flag in sector 3, guaranteeing him 5th on the grid, but 4. Stopped Hamilton in 6th and Russell in 6th. Improving.

Norris qualified 8th and shared the fourth row with Haas’ Schumacher, while Tsunoda overtook Stroll, who was stuck in the garage in Q3, for 9th.

Importantly, Verstappen has taken his fourth pole position of the season and has brand new softs ready for race day.

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“It’s unbelievable. It’s been a difficult day, especially since yesterday, but I think we turned it around overnight with the whole team. And we had a fast race car again today, and it was a very close race. A lap here…a qualifying lap is insane” – Max Verstappen, Red Bull

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Lights out for the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix at 15:00 local time as Max Verstappen seeks a second straight win at home and Charles Leclerc hopes to turn the tide in front of a sea of ​​orange.go to race hub Learn more about when and how you can see actions.

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