15 clever gadgets to improve your tailgate setup

Waiting all year for college football season to start? To prepare, we’ve been stocking up on stadium-approved accessories and drooling over SEC-inspired cake designs. After asking friends and colleagues and perusing reviews, we’ve rounded up 15 smart products to help streamline your next tailgate!

15 clever gadgets to improve your tailgate setup

Folding tailgate table with cooler

There’s nothing like a device that loves to multitask. This folding table features four drink holders and a food basket perfect for holding snacks and supplies such as paper towels, plastic cups and cutlery. Underneath the food hamper is a 5-quart insulated cooler container. When folded, the table slides into a convenient over-the-shoulder carrying case like those used to fold up camp chairs. Get it here for $44.99.

folding table

Multi-Use Folding Table, $44.99 | Image: Home Depot

lounge wagon

Another great multi-purpose piece of equipment is the lounge wagon, which doubles as a rolling storage cart. When Spacious bench seats comfortably seat 2 adults or 3 children. It also comes with an umbrella for shade and sturdy wheels for navigating difficult terrain. However, the wagon weighs 43 pounds, which is too big to fit in the trunk of many small cars, so if you don’t have an SUV or truck, we recommend taking measurements before ordering. The Lounge Wagon can be purchased here for $349.95.

Wagon and chair equipment collage

Lounge Wagon, $349.95 | Image: Amazon

all terrain rolling cooler

If refreshments are your primary concern, we recommend loading your valuable cargo into this 70-quart Trailmate Cooler in an igloo. Features all-terrain smooth-riding wheels, telescoping handle, bottle opener, additional storage compartments for small items like keys and sunscreen, plus a butler tray that stows inside the lid and attaches to the cooler’s handle It provides a convenient extra surface. you need it Order from Igloo for $249.99. (Currently reduced from $279.99!)

igloo rolling cooler

Igloo Trailmate Cooler, $249.99 | Image: Igloo

chilled condiment tray

Prepare toppings, condiments and garnishes ahead of time and store, serve and keep cold in one product. This five-compartment caddy includes a lid to keep out debris and insects, an ice cube tray for cooling, and a variety of cooking utensils. You can imagine many uses for this Bad Boy, not only as a topping for hamburgers and hot dogs, but also for Bloody Mary garnishes, chili toppings, and even a line-up of chilled cocktail snacks like pickles, olives and cheese cubes. The tray is available here for $29.99.

Refrigerated condiment tray with ingredients

Cold Seasoning Server, $29.99 | Image: Amazon

neck fan

The first few games of the season can be tough. Stay cool with the highly rated Hands-Free His Neck Fan, which is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries, and the bladeless design keeps your hair from getting tangled. In addition to the green shade pictured here, it comes in fun blue, gray, and pink shades.Available here for $31.99.

neck fan

Bladeless Neck Fan, $31.99 | Image: Amazon

portable cast iron kick off grill

Sure, this might be the opposite of “gadget,” but if you like cast-iron cooking, you’ll love this easily portable lodge grill. Thanks to cast iron’s positive heat retention and distribution, the charcoal is ready in a flash to get even char on all your meats and vegetables. This grill is available at a special Williams-Sonoma price of $103.96.

Cast iron grill with brat

Portable Cast Iron Grill, $103.96 | Image: Williams-Sonoma

fly repellent hood fan

Table fans like this one are crowd-pleasing but have become popular with grazing boards that don’t do much in outdoor environments. These are available in sets of two from Amazon for $27.99.

fly fan

Food Fun (pack of 2), $27.99 | Image: Amazon

trio beverage cooler

Can coolers are getting more sophisticated and that’s what we’re here for.This three-threat from Brümate can accommodate both tall and short cans thanks to the Freezable Insert . Or, if you’re drinking draft beer, cocktails, or iced coffee on game day, this cooler comes with an airtight lid that transforms into an insulated pint glass.Available in a variety of colors for $29.99 from Brümate.

can cooler

Hopsulator Trio, $29.99 | Image: Brumate

burger master

This non-stick burger press greatly simplifies burger preparation. To use, simply spread the seasoned minced meat into the well. Close the lid and the hamburger will be neatly cut into patties. From there, you can easily store and carry it on game day, or store it in the freezer to use for the rest of the season!The Burger Master can be purchased on Amazon for his $22.86.

burger master

Burger Master, $22.86 | Image: Amazon

270 degree SUV canopy

A dependable canopy is a must-have for the tailgating season. There are many different options at different price points, but this unique design of the Rhino Rack offers a whopping 69 square feet of coverage. It was rated by Gear Junkie as his best 270-degree canopy, thanks to its great coverage, easy storage, and durable materials. (Keep in mind, though, that he’ll likely need two pairs of hands for easy setup.) Get this canopy on Amazon for $690.78.

270 degree suv canopy shade

270 Degree Batwing Canopy, $690.78 | Image: Amazon

telescoping stool with phone charger

This stool is perfect for crowded events and long lines. The lightweight disc with carrying handle easily expands into a sturdy stool with a capacity of up to 400 lbs. This is also great for older fans, people with mobility issues, or tired kids. The stool has a built-in device charger so you can charge your smartphone while sitting. (Be sure to charge the stool before gaming!) Order it on Amazon for $36.99.

telescopic stool

Portable telescoping stool, $36.99 | Image: Amazon

Foldable beer pong table with cup hole

Whether you participate or not, you have to admit—beer pong is a classic tailgate pastime. This lightweight table folds into a compact carrying case for easy transport and setup. It also features a cutout for the cup, which not only allows for regulation games, but also keeps the cup from flying. In addition, the surface is made of whiteboard material, so you can easily record scores and decorate it with team colors. Order on Amazon for $109.99.

beer pong table

Beer Pong Table, $109.99 | Image: Amazon

eco friendly plate

Bamboo and palm leaf plates are a chic and eco-friendly disposable tableware option. Instantly enhances the look of any buffet table, the neutral hues blend with team color combinations and are compostable.You can purchase a 50 pack containing 25 dinner plates and 25 dessert plates for $35.

bamboo plate

Palm leaf plates, pack of 50, $35 | Image: Walmart

folding trash bag holder

No more tying garbage bags to car door handles or tree branches. This collapsible plastic trash bag holder (with an easy-open lid!) keeps your tailgating turf tidy and unobtrusive with its simple black design. Get it here for $15.07.

collapsible trash can

Collapsible Trash Bag Holder, $15.07 | Image: Amazon

lightweight folding cook station

If half the fun of tailgate cooking is preparing it on-site, then a foldable cook station like this one will quickly turn your game into fun. This particular table offers a variety of surfaces for preparing, storing and serving. The shelves also feature several beverage holders, including spots for holding stemware! When you’re heading home, the lightweight table folds compactly for easy transport or storage in your car. Get it here for $79.99.

folding table

Folding Cook Station, $79.99 | Image: Academy Sports + Outdoors

Cheers to an unforgettable season!


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