15 Best Labor Day Outdoor Deals: Apparel, Hiking, and Camping Gear

don’t say “celebrate” It’s like choosing to work in the wilderness. We at WIRED may be gadget-obsessed, but most of us go outdoors whenever we get the chance. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer weather and grab Labor Day sales on some of our favorite outdoor gear.

Retailers such as REI, Moosejaw and Patagonia have Labor Day sales throughout the long weekend. Moosejaw shoppers can use the coupon code to get his 20% discount on 1 full-price item Burgerand REI members can use the coupon code to save an additional 20% on one of the eligible REI Outlet items. Labor 22 Until September 5th.

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clothing deals

Casual clothing may be fine for a short afternoon hike near your home, but improper clothing on a long hike can quickly become uncomfortable and even dangerous. For more information, check out our guides on how to layer outdoor clothing, the best base layers, and the best rain jackets.

Wrightsock CoolMesh II Quarter Socks

Photo: REI

These are my favorite socks. I’ve worked pretty hard this past year to make up for her two years of quarantine caused by the pandemic. I’ve done hiking trips up to 80 miles with these on my feet. No complaints here. The secret is that each sock has a two-layer structure, just like two thin socks sewn together to create one. This allows the inner and outer layers to slide against each other and prevent blistering.

Women’s sizes are also available at the same price. Save a dime with your favorite affordable goose down his jacket for the colder months. The price of goose down continues to rise these days, but for a little more than the price of a synthetic mall jacket, you can puff yourself up in this bonafide down. It’s warm and well made (mine has been used heavily for 3 years and counts). increase.

Men’s sizes are also available at the same price. Moab is as strong as nails, but relatively light. These are not lined with waterproof material, which is something I prefer outside of snowy conditions. Even with waterproofing, there is nothing to prevent water from spilling onto your shoes from above.In my experience, for waterproof shoes conduct Even if it gets completely wet, it will not dry quickly. You don’t have that problem here.

REI Co-op Rainier Jacket

Photo: REI

Men’s sizes are also available at the same price. Senior Associate Reviews Editor Adrienne So named it the most affordable rain her jacket due to its quality laminate construction compared to cheaper competitors that use thin waterproof films. Made from recycled her nylon, it features a pit her zipper (for ventilation) and taped seams for added water resistance.

Give-N-Go 2.0 Bikini Briefs in women’s sizes are $13 ($5 off).These Give-N-Go 2.0 briefs may be expensive for underwear, but the polyester fabric keeps them dry many Faster than cotton or wool. This means you’re less likely to rub your feet with fabric that stays damp all the time. I typically use each pair regularly for several years, so whether it’s a day hike near my house or a week-long outing, they’re well worth the money.

camping deals

A dwelling in the woods need not lack all the comforts of home. Before you head into the hills, check out our guides to the best tents, best camping stoves, and best camping cookware.

REI Co-op Outer Padded Lawn Chair

Photo: REI

These are the most comfortable folding chairs I have ever sat in. Foam padding prevents pain, there are buckles to keep the chair from popping out during transport, and the backrest has built-in backpack straps. Recently, this has been in stock and sold out. Your best bet for the padded version is to check early in the morning. you may get lucky. Outward has several versions. All are now priced the same.

use code Labor 22 To see the full discount at checkout. Divide+ is my go-to camping lantern for the same reason I recommend it on Best Home Emergency Gear. It’s bright and runs up to 330 hours (on low settings) on just 3 AA batteries. No other lantern can run up to 8 single batteries (!) or match the 425 lumen brightness of the Divide+. Uniquely, the lid can be twisted to separate the battery from the contact terminals during storage, thus preventing battery leakage and deterioration. , unless you don’t want to save that code for larger purchases.

At just under 5 pounds, this model is about a pound heavier than the Half Dome SL 2+ it replaces, but at this sale price it’s half the cost. The SL 2+ version was our favorite his 2 person tent in Best Tent Guide. The 2020 model is still a great tent, especially for campers who set up at designated campsites on weekends.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad

Photo: Backcountry

Inflatable sleeping pads are warmer than closed cell foam pads and take up less space to store. The downside is that it’s costly and you have to manually blow it up with your own mouth when camping. is not used correctly.

When I decided to get serious about cooking on a hiking or camping trip, I stared at my skillet and ended up at the Jetboil Summit. It has a non-stick ceramic coating, a folding handle and comes with a spatula that snaps into the handle. If you’re concerned about weight, iron or steel skillets are heavy, but titanium is often thin and conducts hot spots that can burn food. Aluminum is great for lightweight camping cookware.

Hiking and Climbing Deals

Getting started can be the hardest part. No big deal — read our guides on hiking 101, the best climbing gear for beginners, and the best hiking apps. Soon you will be able to call yourself an outdoorsman.

Origin of Scarpa

Photo: Scarpa

Men’s sizes are also available at the same price. These are the most comfortable climbing shoes in the lower end of the price market and we recommend giving them a try even if you are new to climbing. However, once you have climbing experience, don’t expect to grow. The flat, non-aggressive sole allows plenty of smear (sole-to-rock contact) on smooth climbing routes such as granite.

Women’s size is the same price. The Solution Harness hung comfortably all day long.ok, maybe not all But it’s one of the most comfortable and padded harnesses I’ve used, and with Black Diamond’s reputation, you know it’s built like a tank. Trad climbing may require stepping up to something with more gear loops, but the Solution is more than adequate for all outdoor sports and indoor climbing.

In my humble opinion the typical belay device is still the best. Simple, proven design for climbing partner rappelling and belaying. I’ve used it for 4 years for multi-day climbing trips, outdoor rock routes, and indoor climbing gyms. If you want a device with auxiliary braking, there is also the Petzl GriGri 2 on sale for $75 ($25 off).

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

Photo: Josh Valcarcel/WIRED

Trekking poles can be a serious hiker’s best friend. It reduces knee strain on descents and provides stability on uneven terrain. Carbon-shafted alpine cork his handle is comfortable and grippy even when held 14 hours a day. The FlickLock Pro adjustment latch was redesigned not so long ago and doesn’t tend to shatter like his regular plastic-encased FlickLock. You can attach a Snow Basket ($11) to your pole in powdery conditions, or install a Rubber Tip Protector ($10) to keep your carbide tips from scratching rocks and damaging trails.

If you hike in grizzly country, you’ll likely need a bear canister to hold food at night. The BV450 fits easily into most overnight packs. If your food choices are economical, you can fit one hiker’s food for her 4-5 days there. The lid stays on tight but is easy to unscrew and the transparent sides allow you to see the rest of the ingredients without opening the lid.


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