10 Hardworking Anime Heroes

In the anime world, there aren’t many characters who can rely solely on their natural talent, good looks, and family wealth. Instead, the most relatable and sympathetic anime heroes have to work incredibly hard and develop great work ethics in order to reach their goals, defeat villains, or simply find happiness. I’m a person who can’t do anything good unless I make a serious effort first.

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Predictably, most of the best anime heroes are just like that. Best of all, these hard-working anime heroes almost always get rewarded at some point, which is really exciting to watch.

Ten Tanjiro Kamado wore out his hand during training (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Unsurprisingly, the wide variety of shounen action stars rank among the hardest workers in anime, as they must train to the brim to gain strength or hone their skills. One such example is Tanjiro Kamado, who underwent intense training for two years.

During that time, Tanjiro made up for lost time by learning the painstaking art of kendo and becoming a demon slayer. The training montage was brutal to watch, and by one point Tanjiro could barely even hold a practice sword.

9 Naruto Uzumaki Never Stops Training (Naruto)

Another hardworking boy hero is the famous Naruto Uzumaki, who went from being a despised troublemaker to becoming a hero in town in just a few short years. He made up for it by training harder than anyone else during his time at the academy, and Hinata inspired it.

After that, Naruto continued it, practicing his chakra control vigorously, learning/creating new jutsu, and even gaining Sage Mode after a point. It paid off and Naruto eventually became the most powerful and noble ninja of his generation.

8 A story rewritten over the years by Katarina Claes (next life as a villainess)

It’s true that Katarina, the girl heroine, hasn’t exhausted herself from training in martial arts and monster hunting, but she has found a different way to work.she was reborn fortune rubber‘s villainous daughter, Katarina Claes, and she had to rewrite the history of the game or face her fate.

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Over the years, Katarina has freed herself by constantly remaking the lives, memories, relationships, and attitudes of other game characters. fortune rubber‘s original plot, and that meant a daily job rewriting every character’s private life, one dialogue at a time.

7 Shirogane Miyuki (Kaguya-sama wants to tell you)

Shirogane Miyuki is the student council president of Shuchiin, so she always tries her best. But there are more. Miyuki also works part-time to help her poor single father maintain the Shirogane family, which isn’t always easy.

Finally, Miyuki studies all night long, stretching her brain to the limit to pass all the tests and maintain her status as Shuchiin’s number one student. Kaguya is greatly impressed and even slightly envious.

6 Misaki knows about Miyuki (Maid-sama!)

Misaki Ayuzawa is related to her adolescent counterpart Miyuki on many levels. Like him, she grew up in a somewhat poor family, so in order to earn her living, Misaki works part-time at a maid cafe. She is also the hard-working student council president of Seika High School.

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Misaki also studies hard to get good grades and sets a good example for the other students at school. and is probably correct.

Five Izuku Midoriya nearly broke his body to gain power (My Hero Academia)

Midoriya Izuku, aka Deku, is not much different from Tanjiro. To make up for lost time and become the heroes everyone needs, the two boys endured rigorous training. That doubles for Izuku.

In the early stages my hero academia, Izuku pushed his body to the limit and gained physical strength to wield One for All. I got results. Ochako once saw him training and was amazed at what she saw.

Four Saitama underwent hellish training himself (One Punch Man)

Oddly enough, the caped, bald-headed Saitama actually seems to rank among the laziest anime heroes in the main event of One Punch Man, but in his formative years he was no slouch. After defeating a lobster-like monster, he quit job hunting and worked hard to become a true hero.

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Saitama thought about quitting many times, but he soon resorted to intense physical training to build muscle. The extreme physical stress made him fall out of his hair, but despite the worrying signs, Saitama continued to do so until he became the world’s strongest man.

3 Gojo Wakana Burning Oil in the Midnight Cosplay (My Dress Up Darling)

Wakana Gojo is a kind and hard-working boy who loves hina dolls, but expects most people to make fun of him, so he keeps quiet. I accepted her offer to do a wonderful cosplay together.

Combined talent allows Wakana and Marin to do anything, and Wakana brings an incredible work ethic to the table. For example, he stayed up all night to finish Marin’s latest fancy outfit on time.

2 Senku Ishigami continues manufacturing (Dr. Stone)

Senku Ishigami, a teenage scientist, conducts diligent research. He tends to do all the work himself, often spending hours or days at a time in tireless research and diagram study before building the latest gadget. He then awoke in a new stone age and started all over again.

Senku worked at the skeletal shelter and gathered food, but that was just the beginning. Recruiting allies such as Taiju, Kohaku, and Chrome, Senku amassed the right materials to build all sorts of inventions, some of which were extremely labor-intensive.

1 Yaguchi Hachitora put his soul into art (blue period)

A very relatable youth hero, Hattora Yaguchi, like many hard workers, strives to make up for lost time and prove his worth sooner or later. For a while he wandered through his life, but then he was inspired to pursue art. In fact, he set himself the ultimate challenge of entering the art program at the University of Tokyo.

Being artistic is not about taking things easy. Aspiring artists like Yatra work hard to develop their technique and unleash their creativity so that they can express their soul in a compelling way. Yatora had hives and collapsed because he practiced his technique so hard.

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